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Movie News: Notorious Movie Tracklist


According to Bad Boy Records, below is the final track listing.

1. “Notorious Thugs” (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
2. “Hypnotize”
3. “Notorious”
4. “Juicy”
5. “Party & Bullsh–”
6. “Warning”
7. “One More Chance” remix (featuring Faith Evans)
8. “Brooklyn Go Hard” (Jay-Z featuring Santogold)
9. “Letter to B.I.G.” (Jadakiss featuring Faith Evans)
10. “Kick in the Door”
11. “What’s Beef”
12. “World Is Filled”
13. “One More Chance” (featuring CJ)
14. “The Notorious Theme” (composed by Danny Elfman)
15. “Microphone Murderer” (previously unreleased demo)
16. “Guaranteed Raw” (previously unreleased demo)
17. “Love No Ho” (previously unreleased demo)

One thought on “Movie News: Notorious Movie Tracklist

  1. I thought this was a great movie, eventhought alot of people say it was BS… I know that the whole truth probably was not told… but who do tell the whole truth. I though Naturi Naughhton played LiL Kim very well, but I read her blog and she disagree. I am currently reading Faith Evan book I feel sorry for her because she is trying to tell her story and how she see it and how she have nothing but forgivness for the music industry, but it hard. It is a know fact that we all can be in the same room and hear and see the same thing but when ask we all have a differnt story and a different view. I nothing but love for both Lil Kim and Faith because let the truth be told they both were the victim….

    I can not am looking forward for Lil Kim book and movie of life story, I am only can hope that Lil call it quite with the beef with Faith… they both know how HOLLWOOD can change a story 99.9% of the time, life is to short. Just for Lil I don’t know you or Faith but I know you must have loved him to be with him through all the women and getting marry to someone eles when you knew him way before Faith.

    God Bless and let live life is way to short for the ?BS

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