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Crushing Over: Eva Marcille “Eva The Diva”

The Reinvention of a Top Model: Eva Marcille aka “Eva The Diva”


Here’s an excerpt below of her interview. Interviewed by Qianna Smith @
Dubbed “Eva the Diva” at an early age by her family, this self-assured model-actress was destined for stardom. As a child, Eva Marcille always managed to be the center of attention, she says, and it’s no surprise with her sculpted looks and fun charm. The former winner of “America’s Top Model” opens up about her leap from runways to daytime TV.
Beauty & Brains

From Pigford to Marcille

Team Tyra

Art Imitating Life

Holiday Cheer

Island Fever

Shop Till She Drops

Beauty on a Budget

Model Moment

New Year, New Eva

Game Girl

“L♥VE IT!!”

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What do I do about my Ex Boyfriend?

questionWe dated for almost 3 yrs and now that we have broke up, he wants nothing to do with me. He won’t speak to me and he tries to avoid me when he sees me. What does it mean?


answerYou should back off.  He’s not ready to, or doesn’t want to deal with you being a part of his life again. He does not have to be your friend and obviously doesn’t want to be. You should just leave him alone.

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My fiance’s mom hates me, what can I do?

question I have been with my fiancé for two years and we are planning to get married next year. He has a 4-year-old child from a previous girlfriend who is very jealous of our relationship and us. His mother is close to his ex and as a result, she doesn’t like me. I think his ex may be spreading rumors about me. Is there anything I can do to fix, or create a relationship with my fiancé’s mom?


answer You have to remember that you’re marrying the son, not the mom. Your focus should be on your relationship with him. If you treat him right and he’s happy, eventually mom will see that and she’ll soften up. Don’t push too hard trying to get this woman to like you. Be polite when speaking to her and just be yourself.

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Designer Spotlight: Common “Softwear”


So here’s a fashion collab we never saw coming: Rapper Common has partnered with Microsoft to create a clothing line called Softwear.

Microsoft’s soft launch party for Softwear, the company’s new line of graphic tees designed by hip-hop artist Common and “inspired by the 1980s when both Microsoft and hip-hop really came of age.” The software giant’s foray into fashion is intended to conjure a sense of nostalgic hipness around the brand, while reacting to the “I’m a PC” stereotype made popular by Apple. The shirts (which hit select stores in the US on Dec 15) incorporate old DOS iconography, geek vernacular, and a retro-futuristic aesthetic into some surprisingly stylish designs. Softwear’s two lines – Classic and Common’s designs – can be previewed at Microsoft’s Softwear site where viewers can also learn about the impetus and story behind the concept, narrated by Common.

In the words of Common, shirts that make you go, “Man, this is incredible artwork and I want to wear this and I want it to reflect beauty, creativity and humanity…look fly but say something, too. So some of the shirts got messages, some of it bring…all of it got a purpose.”

The t-shirts are expected to retail for around $32 a pop.

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Designer Spotlight: Sofia Coppola For Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola Bags And Shoes For Louis Vuitton


Sofia Coppola “created” a bag for Louis Vuitton. As a film director, I wouldn’t have troubles imagining how she managed to design something, like Sofia herself admits:

”I am able to ask people to make exactly as I would”.

But saying that the perfect bag doesn’t exist is an offense to the rest of the consumerism world who finds the perfect “something” at least once a month! Now you should all know that this perfect bag is called SC Louis Vuitton and it comes in gray suede, burgundy, blue calf leather and monogram canvas (appx $2,200).

So not only she’s truly creative and a fashion current consumer (to say that the perfect bag doesn’t exist, you really have to up to date with everything that has been done in the matter!), she also reinvented the wheel! Making an evening clutch with a mirror inside, now, there’s got to be only 40 % of the (serious) evening bags of the world that don’t have one!

The miracle clutches come in the same colors as the bags, plus a golden version. (appx $1,100). And you have to consider the brilliant cut of an Yves Saint Laurent shoe (originally made in the 70s and belonging to Sofia’s mother) redesigned (like we’d actually search and confront too see how much re-designed was applied to it!) and signed Louis Vuitton (appx $1,100)!Oh, isn’t this fashion in its truly pure form? Let’s see who’d be willing to pay $2,200 for a LV without LV allover it! (via, wwd)

Sofia Coppola monogramed bag for Louis Vuitton
Sofia Coppola monogramed bag for Louis Vuitton
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Off The Runway: Cate Blanchett – Alexander McQueen

World Premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
World Premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Cate Blanchett chose a dress from Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2009 and she wore it well.

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How do I tell my girlfriend that she should stop speaking to & dealing with her mother?

questionMy girlfriend’s mom constantly mistreats her and takes advantage of her. Her mom is dating a much younger guy and always chooses him over her own daughter. How do I convince my girlfriend that it’s time to cut her mom out of her life altogether? She has stopped speaking to her several times before, but it only lasts for a couple of months.

answerYou should not try to do that. Keep in mind that this is her mom. She only has one mom. Think about the future. What if she stops speaking to her mom for good. Then later down the road something traggic happens to her mother. How would she feel? How would you feel knowing that you had told her to cut her mom out of her life?

The only thing you can do is make sure your girlfriend is aware of what’s happening. Discuss ways that she can help repair the relationship with her mother. If their is a fued between your girlfriend and her mother’s boyfriend, then she can try not going to mom’s house when he is around.


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Should I Give Back This Gift?

questionMy male friend gave me an expensive tennis bracelet for Christmas. I already explained to him that I am not interested in a relationship with him, but he insisted that I take the bracelet anyway, because he bought it for me & no one else. Now, I feel really guilty about keeping it. Should I give it back?

answerYou should not have taken the gift to begin with, but now that you have, giving it back isn’t going to help. Don’t be surprised if your friend tries to discuss a relationship again. Be firm and let him know that you don’t want to be with hm that way. Don’t take anymore expensive gifts from him and try to avoid giving mixed signs.


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