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How do I tell my girlfriend that she should stop speaking to & dealing with her mother?

questionMy girlfriend’s mom constantly mistreats her and takes advantage of her. Her mom is dating a much younger guy and always chooses him over her own daughter. How do I convince my girlfriend that it’s time to cut her mom out of her life altogether? She has stopped speaking to her several times before, but it only lasts for a couple of months.

answerYou should not try to do that. Keep in mind that this is her mom. She only has one mom. Think about the future. What if she stops speaking to her mom for good. Then later down the road something traggic happens to her mother. How would she feel? How would you feel knowing that you had told her to cut her mom out of her life?

The only thing you can do is make sure your girlfriend is aware of what’s happening. Discuss ways that she can help repair the relationship with her mother. If their is a fued between your girlfriend and her mother’s boyfriend, then she can try not going to mom’s house when he is around.


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