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Wire Talk: Nelly & Ashanti’s Proposal – Not Approved by Mom?

According to Star Magazine, Nelly is ready to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Ashanti. But there’s just one problem: He can’t stand her mother, Tina Douglas!

Tina sticks her nose in everything because she’s also Ashanti’s manager,” a source tells Star. “She’s always pushing Ashanti to make more money, to always look great. It stresses her out, and Nelly doesn’t like that.”

The rapper, 34, has tried to encourage Ashanti, 28, to become more independent, but “Tina has such a strong personality that she’s kind of afraid of her.” Still, if the singer doesn’t put her mom in her place soon, she won’t be getting that rock she’s been hoping for.

“Before he makes her his wife,” adds the source, “Nelly wants to know that Ashanti can make decisions on her own.”

More photos on the couple below:

What’s your opinion on this story? Do you think Nelly and Ashanti will make it to the altar?

8 thoughts on “Wire Talk: Nelly & Ashanti’s Proposal – Not Approved by Mom?

  1. man of course i think that nelly and ashanti will make it to the altar becuase they are so cute together and i love both of them….her mama need to mind her business and just be happy for her that she found somebody she love and makes her happy!!!

  2. They r so AdOrAbLe….!!! i really think dat they will make it to da altar… Tina needs 2 bck off. she should be proud of ashanti….YOU GO GURL

  3. They make a great couple and she should tell her mum to back off so nelly and her can do their thing

  4. nelly and ashanti yall two are so kute together i wish yall two a happy life together and keep yall head up nelly you is fine and ashanti you are so pretty.i wish yall a happy life

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