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Music In Ya Ear: Ciara Featuring Chris Brown – Turntables

Turntables, produced by hit maker Danja, is reportedly going to be included on Ciara’s highly anticipated new album Fantasy Ride. The song has potential single written all over it. It would be incredible to see these two get into a dance off. The video would make for an epic win! Listen to the song below.

Ciara Featuring Chris Brown – Turntables

Source: YouTube

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Tune In: Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs & LV, Yves St. Laurent Documentaries

In honor of Fall Fashion Week, television stations tend to broadcast fashion-related movies during the month of February, and this year’s no exception.

Lagerfeld Confidential, the documentary about you know who, airs on the Sundance Channel on February 9th at 7pm EST.

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, which followed Marc in the making of the Spring 08 LV collections, airs on Sundance on Valentine’s Day at 7pm EST.

Yves St. Laurent: 5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris airs the next day at 7pm EST, also.

Some might argue it’s even better than front row.


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All On The Cover: Grace Jones Covers V Magazine Spring 2009 Edition

The cover looks great, but I’m not really into models having a cigarette in their mouths during a shoot. It makes it look ugly and makes girls that look up to them, think that it’s ok to smoke.

Source: fashaddix

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Wire Talk: Lupe Fiasco’s LupEND “Cancelled Until Further Notice”

According to sources, this is what Lupe Fiasco had to say about the cancellation of his new album…

“Due to circumstances beyond my control…the album roll out has changed radically…LUPE.N.D. has been postponed

As a matter of fact consider it canceled until further notice!!!

Sorry Guys & Gals!!!!…the rumor mill and bitch ass cowards are going to have a field day with this one!!!…I’ll just keep quiet about the actual reasoning so everybody can put their very special two cents in… what now???

Actually an album is still coming in June…Thats Right!!!…Drum Roll Please…


Yeah thats the new title…

want the tracklist? ok…

1. Song #1
2. Song #2
3. Song #3
4. Song #4
5. Song #5
6. Song #6
7. Song #7
8. Song #8
9. Song #9
10. Song #10
11. The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made

No B.S.

See ya’ll in June and again in December and again next June…

LupE.N.D. right after that…when the liberation comes!!!…

also JAPANESE CARTOON “IN THE JAWS OF THE LORDS OF DEATH” drops the same day as “THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM”…Matthew Santos this spring…oh yeah…FNF UP!!!

I hate the music business…but I love music…Grammy’s Here We Come!!!”


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Designer Love: Uniqlo’s Spring 2009 Collaborations

Uniqlo’s Spring 2009 Collaborations
See Uniqlo’s Spring Lines by
Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan, Shipley and Halmos, and Gilded Age…

Steven Alan

Opening Ceremony

Shipley and Halmos

Gilded Age

Photos: Uniqlo

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Wire Talk: Weekly Rundown in the News

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Pregnant Again!
The View host just announced on the show that she’s three months
pregnant with her third child. Mazel tov, Lizzie. You know, “Palin” could work as a boy’s name or a girl’s name, just sayin’.

Megan Fox: Like Angelina Jolie, Only Not Terrifying…
Megan Fox supposedly will make the next Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie, which inspires the News to make a list of what she has in common with Angelina Jolie.

Former New Jersey gov Jim McGreevey says it’s not true that he tried to bribe his way into a Hannah Montana show for his daughter, and he has the ticket stubs on his fridge door to prove it.

New Citigroup chair Richard Parsons took Amtrak to D.C. for a meeting with Obama, doing the budget-y right thing after that whole flap about that $50 million jet the bailed-out company just canceled.

RFK Jr.‘s daughter, Kick, who goes to Stanford, has supposedly moved to New York to intern for Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone.

Cindy Adams says who the big inside-knowers think are going to get the major Oscars. Adams also says that John Updike, who just died, “wrote trillions of words.” C’mon, lady. The man was prolific, yes, but trillions?

Then Liz Smith says something about Daniel Radcliffe inviting Sasha and Malia Obama onto the Harry Potter set.

Hilary Swank’s ex Chad Lowe and his girlfriend are apparently expecting a baby girl in May.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are no longer dating but still hanging out and laughing together. Nice!

Sly dog Jean-Paul Belmondo, 75, dates a hot Belgian nightclub owner named Barbara Gandolfi who’s 33!

Jessica Simpson may not really be a size 2.

Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight vampire-books writer, says she won’t finish the fifth book in the series because she’s bummed someone put the unfinished version online.

Michael Cera will supposedly do the Arrested Development movie, which is supposedly going to happen after all.

Jeremy Piven took back his promise to take (sort-of?) girlfriend Ashley Chontos to the Golden Globes, so he took her to the SAG Awards, but she didn’t even get to sit with him there.

Guy Ritchie‘s dad said he hopes his son never gets back together with Madonna.

Michelle Obama will be the third First Lady after Jackie and Hillary to have a wax version of herself at Madame Tussauds.

50 Cent says he’s coming out with some kind of dietary supplement.

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Music In Ya Ear: Raekwon Feat. Ghostface Killah “Criminology 2″

Proves He Was Really Only Built for Cuban Linx…

Living larger than ever. Yes, “Criminology 2” is a sequel to “Criminology,” from Raekwon‘s classic 1995 debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and will appear on the long-awaited Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. But is Rae doing it “‘09 style,” as he claims? Well, the new track uses the same beat, same guest star (Ghostface Killah, naturally), and another sample from the same movie (Scarface, naturally). But, given the face-melting perfection of his debut — and the slipshod quality of much recent Wu-Tang output — we believe the Chef is right to stick to the old recipes.

So, please: Kick it old-school.

Download “Criminology 2”: Here.

Photo: Getty Images

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Wire Talk: New Biopic for Lefteye This Spring

Lefteye’s Biopic Coming Soon…

I guess biopic’s are the new thing when movie scripts aren’t hitting the box office. Director Lauren Lazin will bring the life story of Lefteye to the big screen, which will also debut this April at Atlanta Film Festival in Georgia. The Oscar Nominated film maker is the same person behind Tupac ‘s movie, Tupac Resurrection. The movie of Lefteye will be titled, The Last Days of Lefteye.

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Just In: Alicia Keys signs a new deal with Yamaha


Alicia Keys signs a new deal with Yamaha. They will collaborate on her signature piano tones included in future products. The first of which has already been released on Jan 17th at a gathering for press and dealers in the Yamaha booth at Winter Namm music product industry trade show in Cali. The project saw the artist, her engineer, Ann Mincielli and plug-in designer Thomas Hansen Scarbee digitally reproducing the exact sound of Keys’ Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano. Keys’ hope is to have her sounds available at affordable prices within the next three months.

Alicia had this to say:

“I wanted to create a sound that is just magnificent and that would inspire me to play, It was an idea that was born during the creation of my last album, As I Am. While we were there recording, we were able to create a really warm and beautiful sound using my C3 Neo and we decided that we wanted to capture that sound and make it something that I can take with me everywhere. I believe it is really important to have access to a great sounding piano and I hope this new virtual piano will inspire others and help them to hone their craft, regardless of their economic situation.”


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WTF Wednesday: T.I. Peep Show

I was browsing for some pictures of T.I. and came across this picture off of Necolebitchies blog.

I was so shocked when I when I saw this picture. This is not even cute. T.I., I have nothing but love for you and your music. I think you are sexy, but this is just wrong.

Check out the lady extending her hand out asking for some more, she’s waiting for him to pull his mandingo out, so she can grab it!

T.I. Peep Show

Does anyone have some clippers?…LMAO!!