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Just In: Alicia Keys signs a new deal with Yamaha


Alicia Keys signs a new deal with Yamaha. They will collaborate on her signature piano tones included in future products. The first of which has already been released on Jan 17th at a gathering for press and dealers in the Yamaha booth at Winter Namm music product industry trade show in Cali. The project saw the artist, her engineer, Ann Mincielli and plug-in designer Thomas Hansen Scarbee digitally reproducing the exact sound of Keys’ Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano. Keys’ hope is to have her sounds available at affordable prices within the next three months.

Alicia had this to say:

“I wanted to create a sound that is just magnificent and that would inspire me to play, It was an idea that was born during the creation of my last album, As I Am. While we were there recording, we were able to create a really warm and beautiful sound using my C3 Neo and we decided that we wanted to capture that sound and make it something that I can take with me everywhere. I believe it is really important to have access to a great sounding piano and I hope this new virtual piano will inspire others and help them to hone their craft, regardless of their economic situation.”


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