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Tune In: Chris Brown, Rihanna in running for Image Awards

Despite his recently tarnished image, crooner Chris Brown may win an NAACP Image Award.

The 19-year-old singer, who’s accused in a domestic dispute that reportedly involves pop superstar Rihanna, is in the running for outstanding male artist at the 40th annual awards. The awards are being presented tonight at the Shrine Auditorium and airing on Fox @ 8pm.

Brown won the outstanding male artist trophy last year.

Rihanna, his longtime girlfriend, is up for outstanding female artist.

It’s unclear if either Brown or Rihanna will attend. Both canceled their appearances and performances at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Other nominees for outstanding male artist are Common, Jamie Foxx, John Legend and Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey are also nominated for outstanding female artist.

Over 30 awards honoring television, film, music and literature are to be handed out in categories such as outstanding reality series, literary work, jazz artist, music video and documentary.

Television shows including “The Game,” “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” “Ugly Betty,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are nominated for multiple awards. “Cadillac Records,” “Miracle at St. Anna,” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Seven Pounds” and “The Family That Preys” are nominated for outstanding motion picture.

The 40th annual Image Awards coincide with the 100th anniversary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and will kick off a yearlong centennial celebration.

For More check out NAACP Image Awards.

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Wire Talk: Keisha Chante & Leona Lewis deny involvement in Chris Brown/Rihanna dispute

Canadian singer Keisha Chante has been caught in the centre of allegations surrounding reports of a woman igniting the incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna.

According to TMZ, a sexy text message was reportedly sent to Brown from a female on the night of the incident. When speculation began on the woman’s identity, rumours of Chante’s involvement surfaced.

Chante’s manager, Mona Scott denied the rumor to US Weekly.

“This is another unsubstantiated, untrue report; she was nowhere near the incident in any way,” said Scott. “She was nowhere near Rihanna or Chris Brown. She had nothing to do with any of that.”

It’s been reported that Brown and Rihanna’s alleged fight began after Rihanna saw the message.

Chante’s manager says that Chante has been “getting frantic” after receiving phone calls from people about the reported rumours. She says that Chante barely knows Brown and rumours involving the two have been floating around for a while.

“She’s not even dating Chris! I think they met a few years back, probably three or four years ago in Canada,” her manager said. “But that’s it. It’s crazy – there’s been a continuous kind of reporting of them linked together, and this has been the worst of it all. But, no – she had absolutely nothing to do with them or any of that.”

Aside from Chante, rumours of Leona Lewis allegedly flirting with Brown have also emerged.

The British singer attended the same pre-Grammy party that Brown and Rihanna attended just hours before their alleged incident.

Leona was at the pre-Grammy party with her family and boyfriend and had nothing whatsoever to do with any argument that may have ensued between Chris and Rihanna. Any allegations that the pair had flirted are completely false,” Lewis’ spokesperson said in a statement.

While it appears that just about everyone has something to say about their dispute, reps for Brown and Rihanna have yet to comment.

Story will be updated as it develops…

[Keisha Chante. Photo Courtesy: MTV CANADA]
[Leona Lewis. Photo Courtesy: REUTERS]

Source: National Post

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Just In: Target Clears Racks and pulls Chris Brown’s music from their shelves

According to sources, Target has cleared their music racks and have taken down all of Chris Brown’s music.


Here’s the full detail on that issue…

A reader who went into a Bay Area target yesterday and realized Chris’s music had been pulled off the shelves. She then questions the hypocrisy of stations who play music by artists who have and are serving jail time, but are pulling Chris Brown’s music from their playlists when he hasn’t even been charged yet.

I went to target today to pick up a few items and I happened to browse through the music section. Normally, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s CDs are side by side…today they are not…not only that, ALL OF HIS MUSIC HAS BEEN PULLED FROM SHELVES! I don’t know if its official, but I checked all over the music section and I couldn’t find one! Necole, this is beyond bullsh*t!

Also what pisses me off, is Chris Brown’s music is being yanked from the radio out here! Now hear this, if each artist music was pulled from air waves do to their criminal records, there would be NOTHING TO HEAR ON THE RADIO! I was driving for about an hour and never heard a Chris Brown song…but who did I hear? Mystickal (The Rapist who’s STILL in prison), Juvenile (The Dead Beat Dad who refused to go to his daughters funeral), T.I played, Wayne’s syrup sippin’, drug dealin’, pimpin’ glorification azz was on the radio, Mr. Rick “I’ll admit to being a drug dealer b4 having a bonafied job” Ross! So on and so forth!

Like I said, I hate to sound like a crab in a barrel, but if stations are gonna get all self conscious about CBs situation with ZERO OFFICIAL PROOF, then be self conscious ALL TOGETHER and stop being be so half azzed about it and only play tracks from artist with a SQUEAKY CLEAN RECORD! Sh*t, the only artist that would be on the radio is Soulja Boy and Bow Wow!

Why do I care so much? I have an extremely talented son…he dances, sings and plays piano. I couldn’t stop him from wanting to be a singer if I tried. I will have to teach him to KNOW when somebody is only out to use him up and spit him out…it just pains me to know that I’ll have to use Chris Brown as an example.

For more on this story click here.

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Breaking News: Radio Interview w/ Chris Brown’s Aunt & Stepfather

Chris Brown’s stepfather called in to IPower 92 today to defend himself against allegations that he was abusive to Chris Brown’s mother. He claims that he never put his hands on Chris’s mom Joyce and that the story was fabricated. He also described Chris as an angry and hyper child. Chris’s aunt (his mom’s sister) then calls in upset with the stepfather for going on national television lying and alludes that he is getting paid by the media. As far as Chris, she claims he isn’t worried about the endorsement deals or the fame. “That doesn’t phase him. That’s not the problem. It’s just him being made out to be a monster that he’s not. That bothers him more than anything else.

She also says she can’t disclose his location because people (the press) are vicious and she’s trying to protect his safety. When asked why he’s been silent for this long she says they have been advised to keep quiet:

“Politics are Politics and no one is allowed to say this or that but I am just sick of everything. You know the kid is being killed. He’s still a kid and he’s not a bad person at all. Chris is a very loving person to everyone that knows him. Everybody makes mistakes. He would never attack anyone just because. And he doesn’t justify what he did but he would never [inaudible] I think of him as my kid (starts crying) Everyone is killing this kid and he is devastated. No one knows his story. He can’t speak his story because of political bullshit but they will bring out his story probably today or tomorrow. We are not trying to bash Rihanna or anyone but they are two kids in a relationship and things happen. It’s totally one sided…”

“He’s very passive of someone ridiculing him or doing something. He’ll sit back and sit back but a person will only sit back for so long when someone is doing something to him. It’s always two sides to a story and just know that Chris Brown would never attack anyone for no reason. It doesn’t justify anybody doing anything but it’s a one sided story. Every day it’s a new lie. There is something different added to the story that makes no sense at all. [Like the herpes situation] That is just totally crazy that makes no sense and we don’t even know where that came from. Someone obviously made that up and it had nothing to do with anything. That is so false. It’s just really killing me that the media circus is killing everything that he’s worked so hard for.

“That’s the nature of the business, they love you today and hate you tomorrow…” – TT Torrez

Check out the audio here.

Chris Brown’s Sister, Friends Speak Out: ‘He’s Always Been A Good Boy, Never Violent’
‘He feels very bad that something like this has happened,’ Brown’s stylist says of alleged altercation with Rihanna.

Representatives for Chris Brown and Rihanna have not spoken publicly about the alleged altercation that took place between the two last weekend. But both Brown’s older sister, Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy, and his wardrobe stylist, Mike “B” Bogard, spoke about the situation in articles published Wednesday (February 11).

Brown’s sister told Extra, “He’s always been a good boy — never violent.” When asked how he’s handling the situation, she said, “He’s doing good. He’s coping.”

“Chris is all right,” Bogard told “He’s a good kid. He feels very bad that something like this has happened.”

Bogard expanded a bit when talking to Vibe, saying, “Chris is a very good kid. I do not know the situation in its full entirety because I was not in the car [with them that night], but from what I know, Chris and Rihanna’s relationship … it was real. They loved each other.”

Sources have told MTV News that Brown and Rihanna’s relationship had grown rocky in recent weeks. Brown has said in the past that his former stepfather, Donnelle Hawkins, abused his mother, although Hawkins denied that charge on Tuesday.

When asked how Brown is doing, Bogard said, “He’s better off than me if I, or anybody else, was in his situation. Chris is a blessed child. We’ll leave it in God’s hands.”

People quoted an unidentified friend of the singer as saying, “You can tell everybody that Chris really feels bad about the whole situation, about it coming out the way that it happened, the way he went about it, the way she went about it … it’s just a wack situation.”

The friend added that the situation was “not as bad as everybody is trying to gas it up to be,” and was uncertain whether Brown and Rihanna have spoken since the incident.

“I can’t say,” the friend said. “Maybe they don’t want anybody to know whether they’ve spoken or not. You have to wait for Chris to say something.”

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Just In: Fake Rihanna Bruised Pictures

Who’s To Blame For This Rihanna Photo?


This photo of Rihanna looking bruised and battered (on the right) has appeared in our inbox this morning thanks to I must say that this photo shocked me at first, but than I did some research to see if it was official. I went onto, and saw this photo here. The photo was taken back in June 20, 2008 while she was out and about in NYC.

So WTF people! Why would you want to make matters worst than they already are by photo-shopping a picture and making it seems like it’s the real deal. This is the kind of thing that creates more drama. We are all upset about the situation and it’s going to take some time before anyone actually knows what happened that night.

• Please note people this photo above is not the real deal, that photo was photo-shopped by someone. This was most likely done by someone trying to hurt the situation more. There are no photos of Rihanna floating around and we doubt if they’ll be any. I wish them both the best luck and hope this ends soon.

Below are the original photos…..above photos are photo-shopped.