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Freestyle Friday: The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas Freestyle

The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas Freestyle

Nas freestyling with Biggie in 1995
featuring Method Man and Jungle & etc.

Nas was spitting part of the 2nd verse off of “Suspect” from It was Written.

Biggie was spitting the 2nd verse off of “Oh My Lord” from Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Conspiracy.

If anyone could find the full version of this video please contact me, so I can post it.

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Tune In: MTV To Air ‘Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love In Trouble


Half-hour show will take a look at the events and ramifications surrounding alleged altercation between the two singers.

With “Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble,” MTV News will take an in-depth look at the allegations of domestic violence that Chris Brown faces after an alleged altercation with Rihanna last weekend. For the special, which airs Monday, February 16, at 6 p.m. ET/PT, MTV News has gathered journalists, industry professionals and other experts — as well as an in-studio audience of young fans — to provide insight and commentary about what the incident means for both artists’ careers and lives, and society in general.

The special will take a look at the couple’s year-long relationship and will also examine the influence the alleged domestic violence between Brown’s former stepfather and mother may have had on him.

“Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble” will also look at the events that took place on the night the alleged altercation occurred. Plus, it will look at how this incident has touched on issues that face young people in relationships every day and what can be done to avoid them. A relationship expert will be on hand to offer advice for young people who find themselves facing domestic violence issues.

“Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble” airs Monday, February 16, at 6 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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Just In: Will & Jada Offer Support To Chris Brown & Rihanna


Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith say they’ll do anything for Chris Brown and Rihanna – even it just means leaving them alone.

“Jada and I reached out to both of them,” Smith, 40, tells Extra. “If it’s help they need, then let’s get it right.”

Smith says that the best support right now may be to step back. Brown, 19, is under police investigation in Los Angeles for allegedly beating Rihanna, 20, early last Sunday morning.

“This is a time where they need to be left alone and if they have things they need to work out, work it out,” Smith says, urging the public to wait until all the facts are in.

“People should take a minute before they jump on it and judge,” he tells Extra. “We don’t know nothing. If there are mistakes people make, then they should be willing to live up to the mistakes and do whatever penance they need to do. I don’t think it’s up to us, specifically the media, with such a fast hand to try to chop someone’s head off.”

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WTF: Rihanna’s bruised picture?

WTF people, check out this photo I came across today. This is supposed to be a picture of what Rihanna’s face looked like after the domestic dispute with Chris Brown, now I don’t know if this is some kind of joke, but in my opinion the girl doesn’t even look like Rihanna.

Pictures of Rihanna are said to be remained in private hands, and no copies were made. Can someone clear this up for me and confirm that this is also a fake, please?

What is your opinion on this photo?

Kiss Kiss,

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Just In: Rihanna hired someone to follow Chris Brown around

Rihanna Convinced Chris Brown Cheated?

Before the attack that ate the Grammys, über-talented singer Rihanna was apparently already convinced her man Chris Brown was up to no good—if her buds are to be believed.

“Rihanna hired people to follow Chris whenever he went on tour,” dished our stealth and very deep-inside Rihanna source.

Now, we told you already a bit about Chris and Rihanna’s dysfunctional relationship, prior to any alleged death threats, and now even more people are coming forward and chatting. As with so many domestic cases, infidelity sure does seem to be the leading contender for No. 1 fire starter:

“I know he was followed throughout the whole leg of his European tour,” our source said, “and sometimes [the United States] as well. Anytime she couldn’t be with him.”

This doesn’t completely shock us if she really was as clingy as we reported earlier. But why so paranoid? “Because she was sure he was hooking up with other girls,” our saddened spy spilled.

(For the record, Rihanna’s inordinately taxed publicist did get back to E! but declined to comment. Not sure that’s entirely the wrong way to go—at least until the district attorney’s office finishes its investigation, which is still ongoing.)

Source: E! Online

“This is my personal opinion on this. If it took her to hire people to follow Chris Brown around, obviously there was no trust in the relationship. Why would she even go to that and not just break-up? If she would’ve just dropped the whole relationship and they would’ve went their seperate ways, this whole domestic dispute would have never went down like this.”

Kiss Kiss,

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Music News: Is Chris Brown’s Career Over?

Q&A made on E! Online I’m sure everyone is asking themselves the same question, as I know I am.

Check out the Q&A below…

Question: So can Chris Brown be a famous singer after this whole alleged crime? —Marnie, Scottsbluff, Ariz.

Answer: I reached out to dozens of crisis PR experts today—people who have handled everything from food recalls to child sex-abuse scandals. Their only point of disagreement: Whether Chris Brown’s career is finished, over or merely done.

This is no small fall for a guy who, just last year, was named by Forbes magazine as a “celebrity dealmaker to watch.” His biggest sin since the alleged crime? Staying silent.

Of course, what actually happened remains to be sorted out in full view of Lady Justice. But PR people universally agree that Brown should have launched his I’m-an-ass apology tour by now, or at least some sort of self-mutilating statement.

Here’s the long-shot strategy he should be following…

Police investigation notwithstanding, crisis PR pro Dave Cieslak tells me he that somebody in Brown’s position should “admit his unspeakable mistake and genuinely beg forgiveness from Rihanna and his fans, all with tears streaming from his eyes.”

And yet there is a very tiny chance that Brown could crawl and scrape his way back into our collective good graces.

How? Focusing on his fans in the African-American community is a good start, image management consultant Goldie Taylor says. “We have a forgiving heart in the community,” Taylor says. “It’s happened time and time again. We saw it with Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley, and look at Michael Vick. He isn’t done yet.”

(Indeed, Vick gets out of prison in July, and his lawyers are reportedly seeking to get him reinstated into the NFL.)

That focus may take the form of a sympathetic interview with Cousin Jeff on BET or giving us a very public come-to-Jesus moment by joining an African-American church.

He also needs to curb any news leaks coming out of his camp, as well as put out his own strong message, Taylor says:

“That his love for Rihanna is unfaltering, that he has undying love and respect for black women everywhere, that he has sisters and watched his mother struggle as a single mom, and that he can’t comment on anything directly but that he has great faith in the American justice system.

“But if they keep up with this radio silence,” Taylor says, “he’s a dead brand walking.”

Of course, Brown’s own anti-domestic-violence foundation must follow.

Even after all that, don’t look for a Chris Brown live tour anytime soon.

“If his people are smart,” says Peter Shankman, founder of the PR firm Geek Factory, “they’ll keep him under wraps for at least six months.”

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Music In Ya Ear: Robin Thicke – Dream World

Video of the Day!
Robin Thicke – Dream World
This song is super romantic for a sweet Valentine’s Day Dance with that special someone.

“I L♥VE IT!!”