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Just In: Rihanna hired someone to follow Chris Brown around

Rihanna Convinced Chris Brown Cheated?

Before the attack that ate the Grammys, über-talented singer Rihanna was apparently already convinced her man Chris Brown was up to no good—if her buds are to be believed.

“Rihanna hired people to follow Chris whenever he went on tour,” dished our stealth and very deep-inside Rihanna source.

Now, we told you already a bit about Chris and Rihanna’s dysfunctional relationship, prior to any alleged death threats, and now even more people are coming forward and chatting. As with so many domestic cases, infidelity sure does seem to be the leading contender for No. 1 fire starter:

“I know he was followed throughout the whole leg of his European tour,” our source said, “and sometimes [the United States] as well. Anytime she couldn’t be with him.”

This doesn’t completely shock us if she really was as clingy as we reported earlier. But why so paranoid? “Because she was sure he was hooking up with other girls,” our saddened spy spilled.

(For the record, Rihanna’s inordinately taxed publicist did get back to E! but declined to comment. Not sure that’s entirely the wrong way to go—at least until the district attorney’s office finishes its investigation, which is still ongoing.)

Source: E! Online

“This is my personal opinion on this. If it took her to hire people to follow Chris Brown around, obviously there was no trust in the relationship. Why would she even go to that and not just break-up? If she would’ve just dropped the whole relationship and they would’ve went their seperate ways, this whole domestic dispute would have never went down like this.”

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