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Rihanna To Turn Spotlight On Domestic Violence?

According to Barbados Underground, The recent incident which has attracted international coverage between international performing artists Rihanna and Chris Brown has given a prominent face to the scourge of domestic violence (DV). While we agree that DV is endemic in all countries and carves across race, color, creed and even sex, sometimes it helps when famous people fall victim because of the attention it attracts.

“Reports we have read suggest that both Rihanna and Chris Brown were members of households where they witnessed domestic violence. Psychiatrists often share the view that DV begets DV and it requires a strong will and sometimes professional help for victims to break the cycle. Rumors have been rife since last year that this is not the first time Rihanna and Brown would have resorted to embarrassing displays of behavior in public when attempting to reconcile disagreements.

Yesterday’s press has reported that Rihanna will be making a public statement soon. There was a hint in the report that Rihanna will be speaking directly to the issue of DV. If she does BU believes that this is a big positive that would have come out of the sordid episode. Rihanna as a poster girl or should we say spokesperson for DV would go a long way towards raising the awareness level to this malady which afflicts all communities.

To paint a picture of the current level of DV in Barbados we thought we would post statistics, unfortunately we have not been able to find an authoritative source on the Internet. Even so the recurring comment about DV in Barbados is that known statistics are grossly understated. Many women it seems endure DV in silence. Mr. Ralph Boyce who heads up the MESA (forum to highlight the concerns of men) suggests that we have men who endure in silence as well. There is agreement though that women carry the burden of DV.

Of note is the knowledge that many of our social and support services are ill-equipped to adequately deal with DV. The police especially often treats DV reports as nuisance calls or alternatively with a heavy hand. The parties caught up in the cycle of DV require professional help.”

Source: Barbados Underground

“I think they should both get treated and seek help. They can make a big impact by working together on helping others to get help and teach young men & women the signs of Domestic Violence in a relationship.”

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Singer Rihanna’s camp has declined to officially comment on Chris Brown’s apology statement, but sources say that the “Umbrella” crooner is “appalled” by Brown’s statement. “All of us, including Rihanna, don’t understand how he can say he’s sorry on the one hand, but still… does not admit any guilt,” a Barbados pal of Rihanna tells the Chicago Sun-Times. “He should have expressed more contrition.” After a week of negative press for Chris subsequent to the alleged abuse of Rihanna, Brown released a statement saying he was “sorry and saddened… over what transpired,” but did not go into detail about the altercation. A source close to the Rihanna told the newspaper that RiRi is “royally pissed off” at what she calls Brown’s “cavalier and arrogant statement.” Both singers are currently keeping a low profile. Chris is due in court March 5.


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Just In: Christian Siriano Speaks Out About Rihanna!

“Project Runway” Winner: Rihanna Had it Coming

Christian Siriano — the fashion designer who won “Project Runway” — apparently subscribes to the OJ Simpson school of domestic violence, because he thinks Rihanna must have done something to provoke it. He also talks about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s “incident”, and that it was just a matter of time for Chris to do something like that.

Watch the video below.

Source: TMZ, YouTube

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Just In: Roseanne Speaks Out!

Roseanne On Chris Brown: “I’ma Beat The Crap Outta Him!”

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation, comedianne and activist, Roseanne Barr recently had these words to share about the apology he recently gave.

Check out what she had to say below:

“make me want to beat the crap out of him…he uses the language of the perpetrator just like every sleazy bastard who ever smacked his wife, kid mother or girlfriend around uses. you dirty bastard, I hope you go to prison for ten years. IT’S YOUR FAULT, ASSHOLE! as for all the mealy mouthed hollywood and music scene chicks that can’t bring themselves to condemn a misogynistic bully, let me say this: your time as whores for propaganda is ending, bitches.”

Source: theurbandaily

“I think this is taking a bit too far. People have their opinions on what they want to say, but I think some people should keep their comments to themselves. What is your thought on this?”

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Hip-Hop News: Lil’ Wayne Being Sued

That copyright lawsuit must have Weezy shook. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne isn’t setting any stages on fire at all.

A promoter in Rochester, NY who was left holding the bag 3 times over the last 4 months filed suit against the rapper Friday in NYC.

Edward Strickland, GM of RMF Productions, is suing Wayne, his manager and others for $1.3 mil. Strickland says he advanced Lil’ $100K back in October and got nothin’.

Strickland claims the last he heard from Wayne was via email canceling the third concert… which Lil’ said was due to “logistics of his band.” Translation: Lil’ blew him off.

Calls to Wayne have not been returned.

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Just In: Keyshia Cole Speaks On Rihanna!

The news shocked the entertainment world, yet celebrities were asked for their reactions regarding the Chris Brown assault case. Crazy, indeed, but with the stars of today not knowing the full breadth of the story, they chose to play it safe, with the man responsible for the victim’s career (Jay-Z) not saying anything about the situation at all.

UPDATE: Keyshia Cole Speak On Rihanna (Maximo TV) –

Keyshia knows a thing or two about bad guys and relationships. She shares her thoughts about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation with Maximo TV.

Source: theurbandaily

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Celebrity News: T.I. Calls On Will Smith For Some Assistance!

T.I. decided to call on a mentor to assist him mentor! “Rapper T.I., who’s about to go to prison for a year after pleading guilty to federal weapons-possession charges, is leaning on the shoulder of his good friend, squeaky clean Will Smith… During filming of his new MTV series, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days To Go,” T.I. tried to change his ways and continually called Smith off-camera for advice on “how he could better inspire and motivate the kids he was mentoring,” a spy said. In the new docu-series, T.I. takes seven at-risk kids and tries to lead them to make better choices by placing them in certain situations that might make them want to change their “hustling” ways.”

Source: theurbandaily

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Breaking News: Suge Knight Gets Knocked The F**k Out!

Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight was treated at a local Scottsdale, Arizona hospital, allegedly for broken bones in his face, after he was assaulted by a man associated with R&B singer Akon.

Police were called to a private party hosted by Akon on the second floor pool area of the W Hotel around 3:30AM this morning.

Hotel security expressed concern to local police that an altercation was brewing between two parties in the VIP area.

As officers arrived, they witnessed one person identified as Robert Carnes Jr. punch Knight in the head two times.

Officers used tasers to break up the fracas and later arrested Carnes Jr., 38, of Pennsylvania and another suspect, Thomas Leon Anderson Jr, a 33-year-old resident of California.

Knight was transported to SHC-Osborn hospital, where he was treated for several broken bones in his face and released.

Anderson was charged with one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

According to Scottsdale police, Carnes Jr. is charged with one count of felony aggravated assault, due to the severity of the Knight’s injuries.

Both suspects were booked into Scottsdale City jail and are being held in custody.

Knight has had a number of altercations and run-ins with the law over the past year.


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Just In: Rihanna’s Family Speaks Out!

Rihanna is back at home; “None of this is as bad as everyone makes it sound.” Yvonne Fenty, a cousin of Rihanna’s, claimed that the “Umbrella” singer is currently on the island of Barbados — recovering from last Sunday’s violent attack by boyfriend-R&B star Chris Brown — with friends and family, and told exclusively that Rihanna is holding up well.”

“Everyone is looking after her–she is just trying to catch herself and get her life back on track. None of this is as bad as everyone makes it sound. Her injuries weren’t near as bad as people make them sound. Yes, she is going through a rough time and is upset, but she is thinking positive and resting. She will be fine.”