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Wire Talk: Keri Hilson Disses Beyonce or Ciara?

In this remix to the T-Pain & Lil Wayne track, “Turnin’ Me On”, Keri reminds Beyoncé Ciara who wrote her hits!

From Smoking Section:

You don’t expect R&B vixens to snatch off their earrings and kick off their heels on wax — unless there’s an album release on the horizon. Which ironically (or not,) is Ms. Hilson’s current situation: March 24th to be exact.Well if it’s even more attention that she wants for In A Perfect World… than even a #1 hit can give her, she’s got it by going at Sasha Fierce a.k.a. Beyoncé Knowles Ciara herself.

“Just check the credits, hoe…”

Lets see if Bey Cici bounces back and goes below the belt and straight for the feet.

Listen to the track by clicking on the link below…
Keri Hilson Feat. T-Pain & Lil’ Wayne – Turnin’ Me On Remix (Beyoncé Ciara Diss)

** March 24th was that date for the new album in case you missed it the first time.

Source: smokingsection

4 thoughts on “Wire Talk: Keri Hilson Disses Beyonce or Ciara?


    1. you must not no bout QUEEN B , she paved the way for snicth keri hilson ok and beyonce anit gotta right no song itz the singing tht counts, and plus if she did do you really think any of the other females artitst well still be singing, see QUEEN B on a break now , o but TRUST me shes coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. beyonce will not response to this and why should she thats keri’s problem not hers. keri and ciara are cool the girls has each other back in the industry nothing but love for each other. beyonce no what this is about and keri has the right to challenge her.

  3. excuse me get your facts right. ciara co-wrote goodies with sean garrett, and has written most of her songs. keri wrote one song that was ohh baby.

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