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Music News: Keri Hilson Confirms Her Diss Was Towards Beyonce’

Keri Hilson Confirms Calling Beyonce’ A “Ho”…

Keri Hilson appeared on a DC radio station and confirmed she WAS talking about Beyonce’ in her “Turnin’ Me On” remix.

Here’s what Keri said:

Interviewer: When you wrote Beyonce’s verse in Love In This Club and hear Beyonce’ singing it … did she sing it like you sang it, or did you change it up.

Keri: It pretty much is the same … She doesn’t write everything she touches

Source: hellobeautiful

“Wow first it’s Rick Ross and now it’s Keri. Why all the beef?”

7 thoughts on “Music News: Keri Hilson Confirms Her Diss Was Towards Beyonce’

  1. Beyonce deserves this she is a really mean person she’s not as innocent like many of you think she is. Thats good that keri hilson put her out there like that. Even though beyonce didn’t do anything to her and keri is just doing it for the fame she still deserves it. Im glad the truth is coming out about this fake B***H!!!!!!!!!

  2. ii honestly feel that kerii hilson isz basiically jus hatiing on beyonce… beacuse she one of the baddest iin the game…. and kerii hiilson is furious wen she see that beyonce gets all the publicity and attention and although beyonce isz not about drama ii honestly thiink tha beyonce can take kerii hilson….. and u knw wats funny keri????… iit take for you to get a another artist on your single in order for iit to be hot… and beyonce got a whole album with basically her on iit and you turn the cd on and let iit riide… so sweety u should lay off n yur bankz will neva ever like never ever be touchiing mrz.b…. and jealousy isz not the way to go hunnn…. NOW THAT SUM ENERGY FOR THAT A**….

  3. I’m just wondering how much can Beyonce tolerate? Beyonce is wonderwoman if she doesn’t let these things fade her.

  4. I agree with Charles, it takes another artist to sing your songs for it to be hot. And why are you hating if you are in the credits. Not everybody is meant to be great like Beyonce. She is and no matter what the haters think, that won’t change anytime soon. She doesn’t have recipricate anything, mostly b/c you’re not on her level and therefore would miss any message she had to relay anyway. And for all those who are hating on Beyonce, really ask yourself why? And mean to who? Little children & animals. I didn’t think so!

  5. to tell you the truth…..beyonce is not that pretty and she really cant sing and i think someone should say something about her because she steals the spotlight from other stars like kelly rowland, jenifer hudson, and etta james. if you think about it, it is time for beyonce to lay it to rest and go do something else with her life because her music is kind of the same and if she cant even try to write her own music and it sound good then she doesnt deserve to be in the game and she shouldnt have ppl listening to her raggedy a** music. call me a hater but this is my opinion and if u dont like it then thats too bad.

  6. Keri has been in the game for a while; she is just now being noticed…and honestly it is really because her song is featuring lil wayne. Everybody listens to anything lil wayne is on. The remix to Turning me on is hot but as soon as I heard it I thought she was talking about Beyonce. Beyonce is an idol, and I honestly believe keri is saying lil subliminal stuff for publicity. Keri is wack and most dont even know her..Beyonce is the sh*t hands down.

  7. yall all hatin on beyonce really n keri aint been here dat long so she dnt need to diss ha n i heard she told b to sit dwn n go hav a baby i dnt c a child ha azz gt n who da fuk is dat bitch brittany to say sumtin cuz ha azz dnt even kno b so really sht da fuk up

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