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Music News: Ciara Speaks Out About Keri Hilson

Ciara Responds To Keri Hilson…

Keri Hilson recently released a controversial remix to the hit song called “Turnin’ Me On,” where she apparently dissed Ciara and Beyonce. Speaking with Atlanta’s V103 late this week, Ciara said she never had any issues with Keri.

She states as follows…

“All I know is that everything has been cool. I met her when she was a writer. Last conversation we had we were talking about writing together.”

“As a woman my first reaction… especially in our industry because it’s really hard to get in a good, strong, solid place. It’s no need to tear another female down.” “I’m not going to respond and say nothing crazy if I don’t have clarity. There has never been any hatred from my end”.


What are your thoughts on this new R&B beef?”

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