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Bedroom Blog: Dawn & Que Talk Sex

Well fellow readers, in the past few months the media has really talked a lot of shit about, Aubrey O’ Day {former member of Danity Kane}. They’ve talked about her saying too much in her feature of Complex Magazine and of her being on the cover of Playboy. Let me just tell you, that is nothing compared to what I just watched on WSHH. I just got finished watching Dawn & Que talk about their sex life on an interview for Shade 45’s Lip Service and I must say that it was definitely TMI {Too Much Information} for their fans to hear.

I think as artists who have young teenage girls and guys as a majority of their fan base, it was very inappropriate. There is just certain things that should be kept behind closed doors amongst themselves. This interview was definitely one that should have been kept more private. This is not a good look for Que and definitely not for Dawn, being that they make themselves look so vulnerable talking about how bad they want to get back to work on their MTV show, “Making The Band 4”.

She really doesn’t sound so innocent in this interview as she looks and Que definitely doesn’t stay behind. I’m sure Diddy will not be happy to hear about his artists’ sex life, especially when they are all talking about struggling with having no money or not having any new group members for Danity Kane.

In my opinion this interview was straight nasty.

Check out the video here.

“We would like to hear your opinion. What are your thoughts?”

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Blog: Dawn & Que Talk Sex

  1. I didn’t listen/watch the interview, but I’m sure it was YUCK!!! I used to subscribe to Sirius and ran into Lip Service by mistake one Monday evening. That content on that show is definitely NOT for kids. That being said, since it is a paid service it’s less ikely that DK and Day26’s young fans would be exposed to this unless some irresponsible person posted somewhere where they could access it. As for Dawn, it seems that when a young female singer tries to assert herself and her independence they tend to go sexual (Christina A./Xtina, Britney, Aubrey, etc.) Maybe she’s trying to ready herself for a solo career.

    1. I think there was nothing wrong with the interview. A couple (of adults) talking openly about their sex life… their choice. Difference between Dawn and Aubrey is the depth of Dawn’s talent (far superior), point blank. That’s taking nothing away from Aubrey; it just is what it is. Another difference is that Aubrey’s antics affected an entire group [of people], namely the now defunct Danity Kane. Who are Dawn’s words/admissions affecting? Only herself. So what? She’s a very talented woman whose gift and future worth [in the industry] aren’t likely to be negatively affected by this interview.

  2. I think that this vidoe is a bad influence on little kids they SHOULD have just kept it to theirselves but it is they’re buissness to put out there and if they want to talk about it that’s on them. Just let them imperess themselves. But still got MAD love for both Que and Dawn.

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