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Who Rocked It Better?: Keyshia Cole or Terricka

Keyshia Cole was spotted at the premiere party for E!’s new show “Candy Girls”.  She’s pictured here wearing the same dress as Candy Girl’s cast member Terricka.

So tell us, who rocked it better?

Click on, “Who Rocked It Better?” to vote.

9 thoughts on “Who Rocked It Better?: Keyshia Cole or Terricka

  1. Keyshia Cole Wore That To Hah 27 Birthday Not Da Candy Girls Premiere So Stop Lyin Cuz She Aint Even Go But Any Ways Keyshia Cole Rocked It Betta I Like Terrica And All She Funny To Me Hah And Brooke My Favorite Ones But Keyshia Took It Love Hah (Beautiful)

  2. I totally agree with Keyshia Cole rocked that dress better than Terrica…but she has a messed up attitude….but is very pretty…if she loose the attitude she would be just fine…but other than that she is ugly with that attitude…

  3. i am keyshia cole biggest fan no lie its been 5 years now i realy love her personality and i hope to be just like her i wacth all her episodes of the way it is i kno all her albums and all the songs she feautured in even if she appeared in someones video i love keyshia and i hope 2 be like her 1 day keyshia cole rocked that outfit she wore it to he 27th birthday on october 15 bt terrica rocked it to they both are very beatiful women bt i really admire keyshia cole
    by keyshia coles biggest fan 4 life

  4. so yaaa i say Keyshia Cole rocked the shit outta that dress. When i saw her there, i happened to look to my left and saw Terricka wearing the same one. I gave both their daps for having extreme taste, but Keyshia is a styler QUEEN!

  5. Keyhsia Def rocked it better..but Terricka def looks amazing as well and keyshia wore this for her bday not the CANDY GIRL prem.. mayb Terricka did..

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