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Celebrity News: Rihanna Got Pulled Over!

Newly-single singer Rihanna found herself in the middle of a legal mess in Los Angeles on Wednesday (18Mar09) after her chauffeur-driven car was pulled over by cops.

Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, Katie Perry and several other non-famous friends had a girls’ night at Les Deux, and minutes after Rihanna left the club and hopped into her SUV, the police pulled over her driver!

An X17 photographers tells X17online exclusively:

“When Rihanna left around 2:15am, her driver drove the wrong way on the road trying to avoid the photographers, and the cops pulled him over on Hollywood and Cahuenga. After the whole incident, Rihanna and her crew went back to her place, and the cops showed up AGAIN!”

When the police arrived at Rihanna‘s house, they spoke with her bodyguard and left after chatting with him for thirty minutes. Rihanna‘s driver was initially pulled over for not having a front license plate, and for tinted windows – but we’re beginning to wonder if he got scolded by the cops for driving so erratically! X17 photographers on the scene say that the man was “speeding and driving dangerously.”

Check out the video here.


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