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Touring It Up: Beyoncé Kicks Off Tour

Beyoncé kicked off the first show from her I Am… tour in Canada at Edmonton’s Rexall Place by covering songs by two Canadian artists. B rocked out to Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” (avoiding the f-word) and sang an a cappella version of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” in a white wedding dress, below.

According to Sources…

EDMONTON – When it comes to Beyoncé, Edmontonians should perhaps consider themselves very lucky.

Lucky that the superstar even decided to grace an Edmonton stage again after her last turn at Rexall Place in 2007 only drew a crowd of 7,800 people, but even luckier that Beyoncé would actually launch her brand new tour supporting her latest album, I Am … Sasha Fierce, in the City of Champions.

Whether it was a momentous occasion or just an opportunity to test out the show and work out the kinks in front of a “modest” audience – because, once again, only 8,000 fans turned out – will be left for those that attended to decide.

If Beyonce’s first outing on her I Am … tour was no major disappointment, it was still a somewhat muddled affair, one that didn’t really clear up where the line between Beyonce and her supposed “alter ego” Sasha Fierce is drawn.

If Beyonce is the soft-spoken side and Sasha is the brazenly hyper-confident persona, the whole concept never really spread its wings properly Thursday night at Rexall.

Others are saying….

According to reports, the Canadian kick off stop was being used as “paid rehearsals.” The media wasn’t allowed to take pictures and weren’t provided with review tickets, but that didn’t stop editors from supplying writers with tickets at their own cost to attend and review.

And the reviews are glowing. Jam! Showbiz writes: “As with her tour in 2007, there was also the extra-large all-girl band, the phalanx of backup dancers drilled in the latest artful choreography, songs spanning a remarkable career – solo and with Destiny’s Child – in a wide range of musical styles, not to mention a remarkable vocal range, and of course the riveting presence of the star herself.”

The press may not have been allowed to photograph or film, but the good fans are always reliable.

As a treat for fans who will have to patiently wait their turn to see the fierce one live, some sweet drawings of her daring stage costumes were revealed.

The fab creations were constructed by designer Thierry Mugler to represent Bey’s “duality between being a woman and a warrior.”

Mugler is also responsible for the figure enhancing dress which seemingly caused a stir over Beyonce’s weight –though, we didn’t notice any unusually heated backlash.

You can keep up with tour updates by following the I Am… tour’s tweets on Twitter.

Check out some video from the first stop.

Watch: Sweet Dreams


Smash Into You

Baby Boy


Freakum Dress

Video: “You Oughta Know”

Video: In the Arms of An Angel

Source: YouTube/Neon Limelight/Rap-Up

“Your thoughts on her outfits?”

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