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Music In Ya Ear!: Chris Brown – Apology

Video of the Day!: Chris Brown “Apology”

This song was recently leaked online and it sounds like he was apologizing to Rihanna, rumor has it it was written for her. It talks about what went down between them a few months back.

In the chorus, it’s like Chris is singing about the “girl” who texted him in the car, “She didn’t mean anything to me (nothing). She wasnt the one I see in my dreams (oh noo). Girl you know it aint true. If you believe (yeeah). Please except my apology (please except my apology). I didnt mean to hurt you girl.”

Just listen to it, it really sounds like an apology! The only bad thing about it, it’s just that it sounds like an old song, he sounds really young. The voice is very youthful.

Below are the lyrics to the song as well.

You don’t even call anymore
Its so different from the way it was before
Everyday I hear your pretty voice
I have no choice but to be all alone without you
There’s so many mistakes we make in love
Cause still I’m thinking this is something we can solve
I take all the blame for breaking your heart
But you cant let it tear us apart

She didn’t mean anything to me (nothing)
She wasn’t the one I see in my dreams (oh noo)
Girl you know it ain’t true
If you believe (yeeah)
Please except my apology (please except my apology)
I didn’t mean to hurt you girl

I didn’t see myself settle down
But I knew from the first time you came around
From the moment I looked into your eyes
I never want to see you cry over me
But I knew if we got serious in love
We would never ever wanna break it up
I wasn’t ready for you until this day
Could you believe when I say that

She didn’t mean anything to me (no she didn”t)
She wasnt the one I see in my dreams (no she was not)
Girl you know it ain’t true (yeeah)
If you believe
Please except my apology (baby I didn’t mean)
I didn’t mean to hurt you girl

Source: YouTube

“I think the song is a great comeback song.”

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Just In: Rihanna Camp Speaks Out Again Plus Paul Walker Speaks Out About Chris Brown!

Rihanna’s People Speak Out About Chris Brown Again!!

A source “close” to Rihanna tells X17Online exclusively:

”Ri is doing great. She is trying to put Chris on the back burner. They still have joint business assets so they are still keeping in touch indirectly.”

”Rihanna is focusing on her new album. She has a lot of creative control so she is doing it her way. This is the first time she has been able to do that.”

Chris, howewer, is a mess. He lost a lot of weight, about 15 lbs. I do know that Chris is also in a depression and is drinking a lot. He almost got his butt kicked in VA about a week ago.”



Paul Walker is excited for the release of his upcoming action flick, “Takers,” even though two of the movies actors, T.I. and Chris Brown, are facing real-life action of their own. T.I. is set to serve a yearlong prison sentence, and Brown faces arraignment on charges of assault and criminal threats after his alleged altercation with Rihanna in February. Walker, who is currently promoting “Fast & Furious” (out Friday), doesn’t think his 19-year-old co-star’s legal troubles will have any effect on the film. “I hope everything gets worked out, ’cause I really like him,” he told MTV News about Brown. “I feel for him, ’cause I know it’s hard, but he’s going to be all right.” Walker got to work closely with Brown while filming “Takers” last year. “He’s just a kid,” Walker said. “He’s just cool. He’s fun. … He’s a 19-year-old kid, just high on life. Just having a good time. Always dancing and singing, never stops, always got a smile on his face. Really good energy, good kid to be around.”

In “Takers,” which also stars Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen and Idris Elba, Walker plays one of the bad guys the audience will root for. “I play this guy John Rodway,” he explained. “It’s a big heist movie. It’s all about the robbery, and these guys coming up, and they’re like the bad-guy crew that you can’t help but pull for, ’cause they’re all good guys. They’re really tight. It’s ‘Heat’ meets ‘Point Break.’ It’s got that feel to it.” With the Brown chatter out of the way and the plot synopsis done, Walker was ready to share his one criticism of the film. It seems at the time of the interview Walker didn’t realize that the film, which had the original title of “Bone Deep,” had been changed to “Takers,” a detail we are sure will make him quite happy. “I’ll tell you one thing: The title’s gotta change. It’s gotta,” he joked about the original title. “We can talk about this all we want, but it’s gonna be under a completely different title when it comes out. I’m sorry, that is not sticking.”

Source: Ultimate-Rihanna/

“At least someone had something nice to say about him. What are your thoughts?”

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Tune In: Beyoncé Will Do A Voice Over For Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Beyoncé “Shines” In Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!…

Beyoncé  Knowles the worlds biggest superstar as far as we can tell, is teaming up with Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! to make her animation debut! Wubb Idol premiere week kicks off on Nick Jr on Monday, April 27 through Thursday, April 30 at 10:00am. Then, the Wubb Idol movie (yes, a movie!) airs Friday, May 1 at 1pm. You can also check out the movie during prime time airing on NOGGIN on Sunday, May 3rd at 7pm.

Beyoncé is guest starring as the voice of Shine, the lead singer of The Wubb Girlz — the hottest girl group around. In Wubb Idol, The Wubb Girlz come to Wuzzleburg to host a talent show called “Wuzzleburg Idol.”  The winner gets to perform with them at their big concert in Wuzzlewood! Who will win the big competition? What will it mean for Wubbzy and his friends? You can only find out by watching the episodes, so tune in the week of April 27th!

Beyoncé tells USA Today, “I told my nephew I was being considered for the role, and he didn’t believe me. The episodes haven’t aired on TV, so he still doesn’t believe me. He’s like, ‘Yeah, right, Auntie BB, you don’t know Wubbzy!’”

Check out the super-exclusive preview clip below and get a taste of what’s to come!

Source: UrbanDaily/YouTube

“My daughter can’t wait to watch these episodes. She’s only 3 years old, but she knows who Beyoncé is. She a big fan of hers.”

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Just In: Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty – Preliminary Hearing Set for April 29th

Latest Updates on the Case

Chris Brown had his day in court to face two felony charges of making criminal threats and assault. The 19-year-old singer pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom Monday stemming from the alleged Feb. 8 beating of his girlfriend, pop diva Rihanna. The singer dressed in a dark suit stated “Not guilty your honor,” when asked how he would plea. His mother sat in the front row of the courtroom, her eyes red from tears.

Rihanna did not appear in court, but her lawyer Donald Etra was present. “What happened today was that Chris Brown entered a not guilty plea to both of the felony counts against him,” Etra said to reporters after the hearing. “Rihanna’s position in this case remains the same, mainly she will do everything that the law requires her to do,” he said when asked what role the 21-year-old singer will play in the case.

Etra went on to say that both parties are attempting to resolve the case “expeditiously and fairly” but fended off personal questions regarding his client. “It’s not my role to discuss her personal relationship,” he said.

Brown’s attorney Geragos hopes to reach a plea deal will the prosecution that will not allow Brown to serve jail time. The young star faces up to four years in prison if convicted on both charges.

Brown first turned himself in to authorities on February 8, hours after the alleged altercation. He was later released on $50,000 bail and both he and Rihanna missed scheduled appearances at this year’s Grammy awards. Although the couple has since reconciled, in the past few weeks Brown has been out of the spotlight emerging last month to at a girl’s college basketball game during their schools violence against women awareness campaign. Rihanna is back in her native Barbados with friends and family.

The singer is due back in court April 29.

If Brown, 19, is convicted, the sentence could range from probation to four years and eight months in prison, the office said.

The attack is said to have happened during an argument that began when Rihanna, who had been dating Brown, found a text message from another woman on his cell phone, according to a sworn police statement.

When Brown appeared for his first hearing a month ago, Rihanna’s lawyer asked the judge not to prohibit Brown from having contact with her while he faces felony charges of assaulting her.

Check out the video below…

Source: Via Email/YouTube

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Music In Ya Ear!: Eminem – “We Made You”

Video of the Day!: Eminem “We Made You”

Rapper Eminem’s new music song ‘We Made You has made it’s way online. The song “We Made You,” comes off Eminem’s sixth solo album entitled “Relapse.”

In the song “We Made You,” the Eminem mentions celebrity names such as Kim Kardashian, questioning her gender, Jessica Simpson asking her to sing the song, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin claiming after getting a buzz he’d ‘nail her’ and others.

The song “We Made You” was produced by Dr. Dre and has a music video directed by Joseph Kahn scheduled to release today (April 7th) on MTV.

The album “Relapse” is slated for a release date of May 19th, 2009 on Interscope Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Shady Records.

Download: Eminem – “We Made You”


Source: MTV

“Your thoughts on this video?”

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Dear Diary: My thoughts on the Chris Brown and Rihanna Case

I came across an article I read on E! Online yesterday about Chris Brown appearing in court later that afternoon. Now let me just tell you there were a bunch of comments made on that issue. There were 3 people who commented that made me realize what everyone is doing to harm this case. I feel people need to really look at it in different perspectives. The media tend to forget that celebrities are human beings. They make mistakes and those mistakes are things that they have to live with on a daily basis, especially being in the spotlight 24/7. One of the people who commented made a very important point.

She stated as follows…

mika Mon, Apr 6, 2009, 7:56 AM


Another person made this comment…

Disgusted Mon, Apr 6, 2009, 8:19 AM

Yeah, so the little white lady who reports these stories is infatuated with the whole ordeal. Chris Brown should not be punished for defending himself. Rihanna shouldn’t be drinking her **** life away everywhere. She seems to have some sort of problem and needs an intervention! I think he has suffered enough and has been de-famed enough. It’s time to move one people.

Another said this…

Tracie Mon, Apr 6, 2009, 10:08 AM

My prayers are with Chris and Rihanna. It will be so nice when this is behind them. They have both suffered greatly during these past months mostly because of the media. I wish them both the best. I look forward to seeing them back doing what they do best. Good luck today Chris. Rihanna stay strong.

This is my opionion on what they all said...

I agree with Mika and Disgusted….It’s so true, what you both are saying. I am a fan of the both of them, but I just feel like Rihanna has thrown Chris Brown under the bus lately. She has been seen out & about in LA, Hawaii, NYC, and now Barbados partying her ass of. Her driver has also been seen slamming into cars when they leave the clubs. Chris was recently seen at a basketball game, raising awareness for the “White Ribbon Campaign” which is dedicated to Anti-Violence against women. If they so-called say that Rihanna and Chris were seeking help together where was she supporting him for his good deeds. Oh yeah partying it up at clubs. I think it’s fucked up what she’s doing. He’s like a turtle hiding in his shell. And she’s the new party animal. Paris Hilton look-out Rihanna‘s coming out to party harder.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a fan of the both of them. I agree with Tracie when she states about seeing this all go away and them coming back and creating great music. I would love to see what happens next, but I feel that they should give him a chance and let him say his side of the story. We already heard what Rihanna‘s family have been saying to the media. I feel like it’s been too much already.

The reason I say Rihanna‘s family is because, I feel like Rihanna‘s dad needs to give the media a break and stop looking for something new to say every time he is questioned for details. He has already spoken to the media about yesterday’s hearing.

Here’s what he had to say….

Rihanna’s dad tells US Weekly, “So what happened? Somebody else did this to Rihanna then. I just would like to see justice go in the right direction.”

Fenty explains, “I don’t want his career to be damaged — it’s damaged already. I think he’s a talented guy, but everybody should have to pay. When you do the crime, you do the time. I don’t want to see him locked up for a long time — I just want him to acknowledge and get some help.”

Unsatisfied, Ronald continues, “Who did it — that’s the question now. If he’s not guilty, who did it? He should say ‘guilty’ and let the court be leaning into him and try himself to the mercy of the court, see if he gets a fine…”

“Now he’s going to go beyond that and it could go longer, it can be even worse. It can be worse for him in the long run.”

I know he feels for his daughter and it’s understandable, but this is Rihanna and Chris Brown’s issue. You don’t see Chris Brown‘s mom talking to the media every 5 minutes about how Chris or even she feels. People need to back-up and give them some space to breathe and re-think everything over. Put yourself in their shoes. Trust me it would not be pretty, to be put into a position where everything you do, whether it’s good or bad, can be twisted into something that is not. And believe it if you smack a guy in their face they will smack you back, that’s like messing with their ego and a matter of their respect as a man. No one should lose that respect and trust in a person, it’s really hard to bounce back from that. That kind of draws the beginning of a line as to where it says it’s okay to do it every time you argue or disagree on something. Well it’s not okay! You should always have that level of respect on each other.

Check out the photos below…

Chris Brown in court on Monday Afternoon.

Rihanna partying in Barbados.

Chris Brown playing Ball at Mary Washington University for the “White Ribbon Campaign” which is dedicated for Anti-Violence Against Women

Rihanna at Club Delux, L.A

Well last but not least. I want to wish them both well and we hope this issue can go away soon. Good luck and we love you both.

Kiss Kiss,

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Just In: T-Boz Speaks Out About Beyoncé

T-Boz (of TLC) had a few things to say about Beyonce after Kelly Rowland ditched Matthew Knowles as her manager.

They get mad when I say this, but I don’t give a damn. It was all about Beyonce anyway. She was my favorite, too, but come on. Her parents are over everything. Who do you think they were going for? It’s always Beyonce. It was supposed to be exactly the way it is now, Bey is on top. I love Beyonce, and I am a fan of hers. She was my favorite in the group even before they were Destiny’s Child and they were the Baby Dolls. She was so cute and pretty. I like all of them, and I wish Kelly the best. …That would have been a hard group for me to be in, because I would have been like your mommy and daddy are running things and they’re gonna have you at heart the most. That’s just how I feel.

“I agree but her dad plays a major role in everything that’s going on. What are your thoughts?”

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Wire Talk: Ciara & 50 Cent A Couple?

Via New York Post

COULD this be the start of a match made in hip-hop heaven? A source tells us rapper 50 Cent and Ciara (above) recently shacked up together for a night in one of the penthouse suites at the AKA Times Square Hotel & Residences on West 44th Street. “And there was only one bed in that penthouse,” our source observed. Representatives for 50 Cent and Ciara had no comment.

The 50 Cent and Ciara rumor traces back at least two years but the stories have been so strategically placed around album promo.

“What are your thoughts on this?”

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Music In Ya Ear!: Fat Joe ft. Bensiour – “Cupcakes”

Video of the Day!: Fat Joe ft. Bensiour – “Cupcakes”

Fat Joe Seems to have turned himself into a Floridian Rapper. Check out his new video “Cupcakes” below and share your thoughts in the comments section:

Source: YouTube

“I think it’s ok, not my favorite.”

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Breaking News: Chris Brown Heads Back To Court Today!

Latest Updates on the Case

Today is the day for Chris final arraignment in court.

Chris Brown is going to plead not guilty to two felony charges today, has learned exclusively.

Chris is scheduled for arraignment in connection with the alleged beating of his girlfriend Rihanna and sources close to the case say that
while he wants to resolve the situation he will plead not guilty.

Brown is due in court on April 6 for an arraignment hearing regarding his two felony accounts- assault and making criminal threats- stemming from his alleged beating of Rihanna.

Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos, did not return calls for comment.

The couple seemed to reconcile in late February, reuniting on a trip to
Miami. In recent weeks however, the two have been taking a break from one another and have retreated to their separate corners: Brown to his home state of Virginia and Rihanna to her native country Barbados. There has been speculation about Rihanna’s willingness to testify against Brown.

“She has no interest in testifying,” a source tells.

If you want to know how it will end up in court today, you can watch it at 3 p.m. PT for all the courtroom action, when E! Online will have a live feed of Chris Brown’s arraignment.

“I wish him luck.”