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Celebrity News: Ciara Talks Fashion and Style

Ciara talks fashion and style with WWD…


“From the very beginning, [my style] was always a reflection of me. I was very vocal, always vocal. It worked for me at that time, and [the label] just let me roll with it. I’m all about the power and the strength right now. I’ve started to just take on that mind-set — ‘Try it! Try something different. You can do this!’”


“You know what? It’s almost like myself — I’m young and haven’t been doing this for a long, long time, so I relate [to young designers]. It’s cool to see them get opportunities to share their creative visions and to actually be successful at it. There is a lot of new energy and a lot of new ideas that these designers are bringing. It’s also cool to know what’s coming, to kind of be on top of something in the early stages.” – Ciara (WWD)

>> More photos below…

“It’s nice to read about what makes her, her. I think her photos look great. I love her style.”

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