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Ad Xpress: Usher Got Milk Ad

Usher is back on the market, and looking good on his “Got Milk” ad.

AceShowbiz, says Usher manages to draw more attention as he is featured on the new advertising campaign of “Got Milk?”. The ad, which sees him donning a milk mustache in what looks like a recording studio, was shot in Las Vegas and coincided with the occasion during when he was recording his new album.

Usher says:“You’ve got to do things like win Oscars and Grammys ….. but you’re nothing if you don’t have a milk ad! I pour my heart into music. How do I stay in tune? With milk. The protein and nutrients in low fat milk help me build muscle and stay fit. So eat right, exercise and grab a glass of ice-cold milk. Now that’s chill.”

“Your thoughts on his ad?”

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