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Breaking News: Jordan Chandler Confesses: “Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me”

Confession: Jordan Chandler Admits “He Lied About Michael Jackson”… famous singer Michael Jackson was charged by a kid named Jordan Chandler for indecency and led the famous singer. But after the death of Michael Jackson the Evan Chandler who is the father of boy, tells the truth.

Evan Chandler was essentially blamed the most famous singer Michael Jackson in one of the most major criminal cases.

Jordan Chandler gave a full description of Jackson’s genitals. In 1993, Chandler told police and psychiatrist that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, masturbation and act of kissing. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, But Jackson was very hurt and he starts taking painkillers.

But after the death of Michael Jackson, Jordan Chandler admit that he lied about him. He said “Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, and I never destined to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies.”

Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler became friends but Jordan’s father (Evan Chandler) did not like his son friendship with Michael Jackson. That’s why, the father spoke lies about Michael Jackson by his son.

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22 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jordan Chandler Confesses: “Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me”

  1. I would love to meet Jordan and Evan Chandler so I could BITCHSLAP them both at the same time. They should be prosecuted for extortion and their bank accounts frozen immediately!

  2. Give me a break! This story is so obviously bogus it boggles the mind!! If he was truly admitting lying, the major media outlets would be reporting it from every angle so they could get more viewers to turn in and boost their advertising dollars.

    So ridiculously not true.

    1. Please know that because the media who helped destroy this man MJ, is not going to admit they assisted with the madness, they don’t want it to be told, the media only likes to focus on the negative, never anything good and of course because its Michael Jackson, when he died thats all you heard was about molestation charges, very little about how much of a humanatarian he was, how he was trying to save the world and heal the planet….the boy lied it’s writtent that the boy’s dad who was a dentist gave him some type of medication that was used years ago for hypnotizing, his dad was jealous of the relationship he had with Michael, just because he wasn’t spending the time he should of. Don’t you see it, Michael could never care about OUR planet, feeding the hungry and molest a child are you serious, use your brains. The other little boy wow, his family use to steal from JC Penny’s and then when they finally got caught the wife said the security guards touched her inappropriatley, yeah they won their law suit because JC Penny’s didn’t want it going public, so the first chance they had to destroy Michael they did, but I bet that was never in the media either huh?

      1. ugh FINALLY someone who knows what they are talking about!! everyone thought i was crazy wen i said the whole JC penny thing. no one cares to actually read up on these things… if they just do a lil home work, they’d find out the real story. RIP MJ! ❤

      2. You’re so right. to be honest, even though this post was back in 2009, the media has gone out of control with their outragious stories. I honestly think it’s time people saw the truth of what news outlets are these days, gossip trash paper, I gave up reading the news because news stopped being printed, you get headlines about some celebrity dating someone, or facebook founder not having a complicated relationship, when out there in the world there is suffering, there is real con men, there is muderers and there is starving people and yet they fixiate on the celebrities, celebrities are just the same as us and yet they so much as sneeze wrong they are in our papers. Maybe the increase of deaths through the stars is due to pressure of not being able to live a normal life without opening the paper to see some scum lie about them, the media spend too much time following and questioning celebrities and have forgotton about the world we live in. How many of them could have still been here today if they didn’t resort to an excape to relieve the stress and depression they had? it just seems like too much of a coincidence that the media starts fullforce focusing on celebrities and then more celebrities are being found dead. I think the world should boycot the news papers and news on the tv to show that we wont stand much more of it. Or take out the gossip pages and plaster a wall in each country with the muck and through eggs on it as a domonstration (with permission for such a “artistic expression”) I have had enough of all the negative crap, it’s tiring and the world we live in, has gotten to the point going out is miserable, people do not smile, there is children swearing, more bullying, more fights and more suicides. Countries are beign split off from where they were to begin with, I really dread what will happen in a couple of years from now and what this world will be like in 20 years, future generations i fear might turn out to be very bitter, hateful and twisted. It’s a real concern. I wonder constantly why people judge people they don’t know? why do they listen to other people or new papers, when did other peoples lives become everyone’s business and have a right to have a say in it? the world has become vulnerable for anyone to manipulate, how easy would it be to cause chaos in high up authorities with whispers or he or she doing this and then going to the other party and saying the same thing to cause people at each others throats. Its already happening in parliments, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd made a good demonstration of that, then there is Obama and the whole birth certificate crap, there is a war raging within factions and there is people behind the scenes causing it. we need to as the population of earth, turn around and reverse what’s been done to the world, remove a large portion of the anger, I like michael Jackson mainly for one thing, he saw what many people do not, how do you see with clear eye sight when you’re angry at everything?

  3. OMG these people need a reality check, to go and ruin someones life like that is dispicable michael was never the same after the claims, they not only ruined his career, but his life,people dont forget things like that, i never doubted him for a second and i think i speak for all true fans when i say that. Any parent who thought that their child had been touched in any inappropriate way would under no curcamstance take money no matter how much, you would want them dead justice etc of course he lied but its a bit to little to late to come clean. i hope the law gets involved in this and charge them for preventing the course of justice and make them pay the jackson family any remaining money they have so they can put it to good use for people or children who actually deserve it i dont know how they sleep at night. R.I.P micheal dead but never forgotton xxxxx

  4. Funny how people are so quick to believe a fake blog story about someone they don’t know, but then believe a pop star because he sings and dances even though he has lied on multiple occasions.

    Funny how people chide us for being so quick to judge Michael, but then so quickly judge Jordan Chandler.

    I guess the celebrity is always innocent, huh.

    1. harold you are a dickhead who would not know a dick if he saw one and to think your suppose to be a man

    2. Why would you say that Harold? How do you mean “quick to judge jordy”? I used to be the jerk who believed MJ molested kids…but then I had the decency to look into the FACTS about the cases, and let me tell you, you’re really buying into the biggest most destructive lie ever told. You represent those that indirectly killed Michael. He was a gentle soul that wished to help everyone. Shame on you.

  5. …I ALWAYS believed that someone so FANTASTIC,AWESOME and PURE as a great Michael Jackson, would NEVER commite something so horrible to ANY child,apart that HELPED THEM ALL THE TIME…and I think that for this Jordan Chandler,MAINLY FOR HIS AWFUL FATHER,even JAIL for the rest of his life would be NOT ENOUGH,to compare ALL what they DID to INNOCENT MIKE…I really hope that LAWS GETS INVOLVED in this and CHARGE THEM..,AS WELL THE OTHER CHILD and HIS MOTHER(who did the same to poor Mike in 2005)of course….SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …The SAD TRUTH IS THAT this horrible people DESTROYED MOST OF WONDERFUL PERSON IN THIS PLANET,KING OF POP and REAL ANGEL MIKE JACKSON….Now he’s gone and this peopl(criminals)are still here…I too wondering how they can sleep at night…?


  6. for the money that MJ had at that time, he would have gotten any boys that he wants, thinking about the logic, i believe that he is innocent.
    And for thos who thinks that he is guilty, you have every rights, but guys, the man is gone.
    I think its time for us to pray and leave him alone.

    1. He did get any boys he wanted.
      He wasn’t counting on an estranged father’s objection and that is what caught him that time.
      Evan chandler was open minded about the relationship until he felt Michael crossed the line. It must have been devastating for Jordy’s private life to be exposed to the planet like that, especially at 13.
      The Arviso grifters didn’t start their ploy till the documentary aired and Gavin got teased at school.

  7. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, and i mean HUUUGE. Upon hearing about his death i was shocked beyond belief. Now i always knew Michael Jackson was innocent, but I never thought the accusers would come out. IF and I emphasize, IF, this confession by Jordan Chandler is true, he should pay back all the money that he got from the Jackson family back to them. This is horrible and I never wish anything bad upon anyone, but YOU JORDAN CHANDLER AND ESPECIALLY YOUR FATHER DESERVED TO BE__________________.

  8. his father is a friggin ding dong
    i hope he’s happy now that michael’s dead
    he has no heart and clearly all he thought about was MONEY!
    you would think after a story like this people would know now the love of money is the root of all evil?
    absolutely nott!
    yes why now jordan chandler why couldnt yu speak up years ago?
    its sad that it takes a death to feel sorry or confess about lies like this!
    michael was dying slowly all these years from this stupid lawsuit
    and now he confesses
    im soo pissed of
    now michael is no more besides the music he left us
    i didnt even get to meet him
    thank yu Evan Chandler you selfish bastard!

  9. okay…Michael is innocent! he is is innocent and will Always be innocent! these people who made false accusation about Michael Jackson are demons in disguise! well the practically killed the man so i hope they are aware of what they have done to such a unique person! that’s another thing! michael isn’t pronounced innocent becaue of his fame (harold! you are a dick) michael is a rare person! i mean you can randomly selct 100 people out a crowd and they could not do what michael did! he CHANGED music “HIStory!” so for all of you who think highly of michael, you are truly amazing, and for those of you who think he is a bad person, go suck a monkey’s____love you MJJ! ❤ =.)

  10. He waits untill he’s gone to finally “admit” it? His father was Jealous and didn’t want the two having a frienship,That’s what it was. The mom was desperate and needy for money while the father blames the famous singer for what? Hhhhm,somthing is wrong with people now-a-days….no respect! since the haterz believed this crap all along,You know now that Mike has always been innocent and right.

  11. i always knew he was innocent, i didn’t even need to know accuser has confessed it to be convinced. there already are millions of proofs that he was innocent but it ain’t out by freaky media. i am listening childhood song of him right now and about to cry Rest in peace michael i love u so so so much i wish i could help u in some way to allay ur pains 😦

  12. Jordon Chandler has never spoken tp reporters and has NEVER made any type of confession of lying. In fact this and other websites that claim that Jordan Chandler ever made any statement or admitted lying is a total fabrication and a cruel lie. Jordan Chandler was sexually molested by Michael Jackson. That is exactly what Chandlet told the police when he was a child. All of these websites and fake interviews with Jordan Chandler are disgusting fiction created to destroy the young man who was molested by Jackson. This is the United States of America and Jordan Chandler has been victimized by Jackson as a child and now by the Jackson family PR machine. Jordan Chandler has NEVER given an interview so anyone posting a Jordan Chandler interview is posting lies.

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