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Straight Official: Keyshia Cole’s New Tattoo!

At the BET awards Keyshia Cole showed off a new tattoo that reads “Truly Blessed, D. Gibson.” D. Gibson is the initial and last name of her NBA boyfriend Daniel Gibson.


“I’ve got to say, that is Straight Official. That shows mad love. Nice one Keyshia. Keep making beautiful music. Blessings! ♥”

4 thoughts on “Straight Official: Keyshia Cole’s New Tattoo!

  1. awww they look soo cute toghter she finally got her own man nd he cute she doin good keep makin that good music keshia

  2. Keyshia I am happy for you & Daniel. Remember to put God first & he will continue to bless you & your marriage. Not is perfect. Communication is the solution to any issue. May God bless you, DJ & Daniel.

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