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Celebrity News: AnnaLynne McCord Talks New Cast For 90210

90210 star AnnaLynne McCord has revealed she can’t wait for Rumer Willis to join the cast on an upcoming episode of the hit show – because she has a ‘girl crush’ on her famous mother Demi Moore. McCord, 21, gushed: “I’m very happy to have her, I have met Rumer once or twice and she is very sweet.

“I think she’s awesome and obviously, you know, I kind of have a girl crush on her mom so its good to have her.” Willis‘s mother is Demi Moore, the former wife of her dad Bruce Willis. Adding to the girl theme of McCord‘s excitement is the fact that Rumer is set to play a punky lesbian named Gia. McCord also discussed another new cast member, former US soap star Trevor Donovan, who she calls a ‘hunky young Robert Redford‘. She added: “He is the new hunk in town. It was so funny because we all read the description obviously in the first episode and it was like ‘a young Robert Redford’ and we were like: ‘Who are they going to get for this?’ “Those are kind of big shoes to fill. Robert Redford. Are you kidding me? So we walk on set and the wind is blowing and he is like popping tennis balls and he looks just like a young Robert Redford. “And we were like: ‘Wow, they did pretty good’.”

Source: Splash News

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