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Music News: Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick?” Not a Single but in fact a Club Only Track??

Yesterday there was a serious leak for Rihanna’s new album, ‘LOUD’. The entire song and video leaked of Rihanna’s collaboration with David Guetta entitled “Who’s That Chick”. Guetta teased radio listeners many months ago with the line “Feel the Adrenaline” on a French radio show.  The song hasn’t been confirmed to appear on RiRi’s more upbeat album, ‘Loud’, due November 16, and her record label apparently never wanted the video to come out.

Well, Rihanna’s record label addressed the leak immediately:

“It’s a leak,” SRP Tweeted, “Def Jam is pulling it down as fast as possible. The song is not a single – for the clubs only. The album is still being put together — many songs in the mix. Can’t answer for sure if it is on the album.”

“Who’s that Chick?”:  That seems to be the question everyone is asking themselves.

This new album, ‘LOUD’ in my opinion, sounds like it’s definitely a whole 360 from her previous album, ‘Rated R’. ‘LOUD’ is more funky and upbeat, as for ‘Rated R’ is more raw, dark, and very emotional, foreboding tone.

Listen to “Who’s That Chick?”:

I don’t think the track is that bad. I guess we’ll have to see what else she has for us to hear. I’ll keep you all posted.

Let us know your thoughts?

One thought on “Music News: Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick?” Not a Single but in fact a Club Only Track??

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