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AD XPRESS: Rihanna for ‘Doritos Late Night’

If you haven’t read or heard then that infectious song and video that leaked last week of Rihanna entitled “Who’s That Chick?,” it is actually a part of Rihanna’s Doritos endorsement deal, ‘Doritos Late Night. The promotional campaign is about to kick off:

“You may have seen the leaked Rihanna music video for “Who’s That Chick?”. But that’s just the beginning. You’ve never seen an online music experience like this. Check out to see the trailer for the full experience that launches on 10/15/10.”

“Who’s That Chick?” already has 50+ plays since it leaked. It’s funky and very upbeat. 

Watch Rihanna’s Doritos “Who’s That Chick?” Trailer below…

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