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All On The Cover: T.I. Covers VIBE Magazine

T.I. covers the December 2010 issue of VIBE magazine. The magazine became the latest edition, which the rapper was interviewed before he was due back in jail for his latest run-in with the police in Vegas with his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottell. In the interview T.I. spoke about their problems with pills, touched on family and imprisonment.

Below are a few excerpts from the interview, which will fully appear in the December issue of the publication …

I heard you mention that good deeds are quickly forgotten. Do you think that you and I been treated unfairly?

If you take in the extent to which people are generally talking about me, then – yes. But they are people who imagine something can not help. They help only those who know personally. And how can I expect to see me will be treated differently if they see me only on TV? People have always had so done: Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali: When all is well, they are next. When something goes wrong, they are against you.

But now nothing is worse. Due to the fact that you did.

So I’ll tell you this: when you look at a guy who did not come home, he began to sell drugs at 12 years, 13 took the weapon, fell into the firefight, 15 landed in jail. And in all this chaos and hooliganism, but when I was in prison for a gun with a silencer, I have changed my life. And now you want to crucify him, for what? For three pills. Well, yes, it’s wrong and inexcusable. No problem. But if you take a large scale, it is a trifle. You can not kill a man after he went through a more serious things in life. Here it would be wrong if I rode with the weapon or shoot someone, it was then – yes. Just think about it.

How is it that you are addicted to drugs?

When I got out of prison, I had to frequently visit the dentist to repair the canals, pulling teeth. From January to February. And to relieve the pain, I subscribed to OxyContin and hydrocodone. In October 2007 I gave up and drink and smoke. Well, I took these pills and was taken only because of the pain. And then I liked it – more precisely, from them I felt good. And it’s legal. Once the pain passed, I continued to take them. I had 6.5 pieces. And I had about 80 pieces. Anyone else would have begun to drink or smoke and I saw pain. But once I realized that I was starting to take a seat them.

You talked about it with Eminem?

Of course. We were recording together and talked a lot. I asked how he knew that hooked. But if you consciously begin to self-harm, it means that something is wrong with you … with brains.”


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Game Head: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This is post is especially made for my husband, who is a big time gamer head. He asked me this morning to do him the favor and post this up for him, so here it goes. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a car racer game fanatic, so this interested me as well.

My thoughts on “The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit”

I love how realistic the game looks. It was like watching an intense action film, and trust me I’m a sucker for action films that keep me on the edge of my seat, this video game is that intense. You will definitely be thrilled by the game.

Below is a video trailer for “The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit” video game. Enjoy!!

My rate is 9 cupcakes out of 10:



Check out an excerpt after the jump from a review done by Bishop’s Gaming World

Review: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

The Need for Speed franchise over the past few years has seen many iterations and many new ways to play. However, those new titles, while well received by critics, were underwhelming for fans of the series. Criterion Games has listened to the fans and brought back Hot Pursuit, the highly successful Need for Speed games of the 90’s and early 00’s. Does the new Hot Pursuit title successfully fulfill the nostalgia factor we all have, or is it just simply another game in the Need for Speed franchise?

Hot Pursuit starts out by explaining everything you’ll do throughout the course of your play time. This tutorial is something that is very much appreciated, especially for players new to the franchise. Upon listening to the tutorial you’re thrown into the career mode of Hot Pursuit, where you will play as both the cops and racers. Although it does state career mode, it’s essentially you completing races or wrecking racers as cops. It’s far from a career mode, as there is little to no storyline to think of. Seacrest County, the not so real city, is where you’ll spend you entire time in the Career. With it’s breathtaking and stunning environments, you’ll wish the county was in fact a real county you could visit on a vacation. Career mode consists of three game modes, Hot Pursuit, Interceptor, and Race, with a “preview” run, essentially a time trial mode, being available for each new section you unlock. You’ll be able to do the preview runs for both racers and cops. Hot Pursuit is a mode for cops, which has you trying to stop any racers on the road in under a certain amount of time. Interceptor is another mode for cops that has you trying to wreck one racer in order to arrest them. You’ll also need to do this under a par time. Race is simply for the racers, which at the beginning of the career will have you just trying to beat your opponents to the finish, but after your wanted level begins to rise cops will begin to try and stop your off-roading shenanigans. This is the toughest of the modes simply due to the fact you have to not only try and finish in first place, but you will also need to outsmart, out drive, and out maneuver the cops in order to succeed.

Driver details gives you the ability to see how far you are in the career mode, as well as letting you see what

milestones you’ve completed. Milestones are challenges that you get after doing certain tasks, such as crashing 20 times, or drive 50 miles while drifting. Online multiplayer has it’s own milestones, but they’re just simply for you to complete events online. It does a good job at accurately showing your stats in both single player and multiplayer. Your rap sheet in drive details shows you how you fair in the single player as a racer and let’s you see how many races you have gold medals in and what level each weapon is. Both cops and racers have 20 ranks to go through and unlock, in each unlock tier you will unlock different cars for both the cops and racers. For the racers, the higher you’re level, the more wanted you are. Cops will get promoted and unlock faster, more robust cars, along with different weapons. After completing each race you’ll receive one of three medals, either gold, silver, or bronze, most of the time by completing a certain race under a specific time, or by simply coming in first place. Nothing new there, but it does make you want to go all out and get that gold medal. When doing the time trials, most of them are trial and error. When you do one with the cops you get penalized 2 seconds for hitting a wall and 3 seconds for hitting traffic. Of course cops are meant to play fair, and not cause any damage to the city, but it makes it a tad bit difficult when you’re going from chasing down a racer, to all of sudden getting penalized for barely scraping a wall. Racers on the other hand don’t have that problem, they will not get penalized in the time trials, so drive as erratic as you want with them. For full review check out Bishop’s Gaming World.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

Below are a few wallpapers for your own entertainment….

Source: Bishop’s Gaming World, Google Images