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More Free Music

coast-2-coast-tape-with-jlp1Hey, everyone!! Want some more free (and LEGAL) music? Are you into discovering new talents in hip hop? If so, check out this link to download your free copy of the Coast2Coast mixtape starring J-LP. It’s got 21 tracks and features many different artists. Check it out and comment to let us know what you think of it! Take care…

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Free (and legal!!) Music….

supastar-ltHi, it’s Jamie again! I’m back and want to share something cool with you guys. Occasionally, I get e-mails from PR people telling me about music news and offering links to songs. Well, I have two today to share with you. The first link is for the song “Champian” from a mixtape called Voice of the City. The tape is by Clinton Sparks and Supastar L T. You can download it here.

rocky-entourageNext, we have “Best in the City” by Rocky Fontain with Gillie Da Kid and Maino. You can get that here. The mixtape Entourage is supposed to be made available on February 12th. I’ll keep you posted.

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Happy Monday!

It’s Jamie B again and I’m back to share the video of the week! This time, I thought it’d be nice to go back in time a bit and share a favorite from when I was a kid. Given what day it is, there was really only one choice! Manic Monday by The Bangles. It’s a pretty recent live performance shared by youtuber GeorgeWaxstetter. Enjoy!!

So what do you think of this song? Was it a favorite of yours? Did you hate it? Share your thoughts with us. See ya next time!

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Video of the Week

Hi, everyone. I’m Jamie and every Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you a favorite video. This week, I have chosen Christina Aguilera’s cover of a Nina Simone song. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it!

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New Talent: Ieshia ~ An Artist on the Rise

“Still Standing”, the first single from R&B/Rap artist Ieshia is a laid back track that talks about surviving whatever is thrown at you and coming out stronger for it. It talks about strength and hope and celebrating the human spirit that allows us to do so. It’s not a surprising choice, considering her background.

Since the day she was born, her life has been an exercise in survival. Born into a musical home, the would-be star would suffer heart failure twice before she even got home from the hospital. She bounced back from her medical issues to become an active child and got her start in music by doing what so many before her have done: singing in church.

Before she would graduate High School, Ieshia would suffer the loss of her mother and the grandmother who raised her after her mother’s death. Reeling from these losses, the budding singer focused all her energy into making the dream they had shared with her come true. She recorded an album with Pimptown Entertainment (a deal her Grandmother had helped her secure, as Ieshia was too young to do so herself at the time) and was forging ahead with appearances. The bookings were being done by the same agent that secured gigs for Destiny’s Child, Yolanda Adams and other such acts. It was looking like nothing was going to stop her.

Hurricane Katrina. The storm came to Louisiana and New Orleans in 2005, devastating communities and leaving little in its path. Along with her home and many of her possessions, Ieshia’s recordings and promotional materials had also been destroyed. She was back to square one with little money left to recreate it all. The singer had to get creative if she was going to piece it all back together again.

A letter written by her husband and the CEO of her company was the first step. The letter detailed her situation and what she was hoping to accomplish with the help of others in the Industry. This letter would eventually find its way to legendary artist Chuck D and Giana Garel. The duo read her letter live on their radio show and before long, many stepped in to help the singer get her career going again by sending her tracks and other assistance. All they asked for in return was for her to do design work for them.

The exposure from all this helped Ieshia to appear on “How She Move” as well as the CW’s “Dig it or Diss it”. Since then, she has managed to build a large fan base at home and abroad through her MySpace Music page and is preparing for her album release. The recording, also titled Still Standing, is scheduled to be released sometime in 2008.

Because of everything she has gone through, she is also planning to release a book called Gigster. The book will detail helpful hints for artists looking to get their names out there and will eventually become a service dedicated to offering transportation and other assistance to aspiring artists. Will Ieshia become the next Ciara or Rhianna? Only time will tell. No matter what the future brings, she’s sure to be “still standing” at the end.

If you wanna see more, check out my interview with her on my old pop blog. It’s quite the read. Also, check out this video of her via her youtube performing Still Standing