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Breaking News: Justice Has Been Served!!

Justice at last!…

A jury found Michael Jackson‘s doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of the King of Pop.

Dr. Conrad Murray appeared stone-faced as the verdict was read Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom. The 58-year-old doctor, who is to be sentenced November 29, is facing up to four years in prison. He could also lose his medical license.

Jackson‘s sister LaToya screamed out upon hearing the verdict, while his crying mother, Katherine, was consoled by her son, Jermaine Jackson.

Murray‘s supporters looked somber over the news, with one shaking her head back and forth, mouthing the word “no.”

Jackson fans who had gathered outside the courtroom burst into applause and cheered as the verdict, “Guilty!,” was announced.

The decision was reached after less than nine hours of deliberation. The prosecution asked for Murray to be remanded into custody immediately. “He is now a convicted felon,” prosecutor David Walgren said.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff argued that he is not danger to the community before Murray was escorted out of the courtroom by the Sheriff.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009. The complete story of his death finally emerged during the six-week trial. It was the tale of a tormented genius on the brink of what might have been his greatest triumph with one impediment standing in his way — extreme insomnia.

Testimony came from medical experts, household employees and Murray‘s former girlfriends, among others.

The most shocking moments, however, came when prosecutors displayed a large picture of Jackson‘s gaunt, lifeless body on a hospital gurney and played the sound of his drugged, slurred voice, as recorded by Murray just weeks before the singer’s death.

Jackson talked about plans for a fantastic children’s hospital and his hope of cementing a legacy larger than that of Elvis Presley or The Beatles.

“We have to be phenomenal,” he said about his “This Is It” concerts in London. “When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, `I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.”‘

Throughout the trial, Jackson family members watched from the spectator gallery, fans gathered outside with signs and T-shirts demanding, “Justice for Michael,” and an international press corps broadcast reports around the world. The trial was televised and streamed on the Internet.

Prosecutors portrayed Murray as an incompetent doctor who used the anesthetic propofol without adequate safeguards and whose neglect left Jackson abandoned as he lay dying.

Murray‘s lawyers sought to show the doctor was a medical angel of mercy with former patients vouching for his skills. Murray told police from the outset that he gave Jackson propofol and other sedatives as the star struggled for sleep to prepare for his shows. But the doctor said he administered only a small dose on the day Jackson died.

Lawyers for Murray and a defense expert blamed Jackson for his own death, saying the singer gave himself the fatal dose of propofol while Murray wasn’t watching. A prosecution expert said that theory was crazy.

Murray said he had formed a close friendship with Jackson, never meant to harm him and couldn’t explain why he died.

The circumstances of Jackson‘s death at the age of 50 were as bizarre as any chapter in the superstar’s sensational life story. more on this story click here.

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Breaking News: The Jackson Kids In Full Detail

Michael Jackson‘s sudden death may give his three beloved children something he could never provide — a chance to be themselves.

At the Michael Jackson memorial Tuesday, the world met – and was deeply moved by – the King of Pop‘s 11-year-old daughter, Paris, who gave an unplanned, emotional tribute to her father.

For most of her life, Paris, and her brothers Prince Michael, 12, and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. “Blanket”), 7, were carefully shrouded from the public eye, often emerging with their father wearing colorful masks. So, who are the Jackson children?

According to family friend Gotham Chopra, the late star’s eldest son Prince is a “fun kid” who “has a lot of energy.” He describes Paris as “very thoughtful, very caring, and very sensitive” and quiet Blanket as “a lot like Michael.”

As PEOPLE reported in 2007, by all accounts, the kids are bright, well-behaved and seemingly well-adjusted. A spokesman from the National Zoo, who accompanied the family on a visit, told PEOPLE at the time, “I was struck by how considerate and nice and normal they all were.” Jackson’s longtime bodyguard Miko Brando recently echoed that sentiment. “They are well-mannered, well-behaved kids,” he said. “They are really level-headed.”

A Normal Dad…

It may seem like a contradiction, given their father’s staggering fame and highly scrutinized lifestyle, but many say that as a father, Jackson was nothing but normal and loving. “There were a few times he brought his kids to work,” says tour dancer Christopher “Kriyss” Grant. “You could tell by the way they looked at him that they adored him.”

Adds Jackson‘s former publicist Raymone Bain: “They were Michael’s first priority.”

The King of Pop devoted his life to creating a fairy-tale Never Neverland for his three young heirs, a world where the reality around them was hidden behind masks or the burly frames of professional bodyguards.

Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket, have never attended a day of school. They’ve never known a neighborhood friend. They sleep together in the same room. And the only outsiders they know are strangers their father would bring in to entertain them.

Last Christmas Eve, Jackson and his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, — the suspected father of the two oldest children — arranged for Carrie Fisher to surprise the kids by reprising her role as Princess Leia in “Star Wars” at their rental mansion in Holmby Hills, Calif.

“Michael brought the kids down in their pajamas and said, ‘This is Princess Leia,’ ” said family friend Stephen Price. “They were so excited! She did her famous speech for them — the ‘Help me, Obi-Wan’ speech.”

“They are the greatest kids you’ll ever meet,” Price told Us Weekly of the Jackson kids. “They didn’t act like they had silver spoons in their mouths. They are nice and not Hollywood brats. Paris is very polite, a little reserved. Prince is the most outgoing. And Blanket is a sharp kid, but also pretty quiet. When I asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said, ‘I just want a stuffed animal.’ “

To entertain his kids, Jackson would often take them on midnight shopping sprees in stores specially opened just for them. They hopscotched around the globe from California to Las Vegas to Bahrain to Ireland to New Jersey to Switzerland.

He showered the children with indulgences. In 2007, he shut down parts of the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas so he and the kids could play video games and ride the roller coaster. And the kids would show up bleary-eyed at bookshops and toy stores around the world for private shopping sprees at 2 or 3 a.m.

They ate Jackson‘s favorite — KFC — for lunch and dinner.

“Prince I, Paris and Prince II were his life,” Michael‘s longtime pal Dieter Wiesner told Life & Style. “He made breakfast for them — a lot of people don’t know this side of Michael.”

Perhaps best of all from a child’s perspective — no school.

“I’m going to build a computer school on the grounds [of Neverland],” Jackson said in an interview. “How can they go into society? He’s Prince Michael Jackson. She’s Paris Katherine Michael Jackson. It would be too difficult.”

He also fathered by example — and showed them how to take responsibility for themselves, one record producer told Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli. Prince Michael once spilled popcorn on the studio floor, and the producer bent over to clean up the mess, fearing Jackson would have a diva-like tantrum.

Instead, the megastar apologized.

“He’s my kid. I’ll clean up after him,” Jackson said, according to Taraborrelli.

The producer recalled, “I looked down and there’s Michael Jackson on his hands and knees picking up his son’s popcorn. I’m not sure you would see Madonna doing that.”

Jackson did his best to prevent his kids from becoming brats, friends said.

“He wanted them to have a chance at a childhood which he never had,” friend Price recalled. “He wanted to make sure they played, because they are kids first and foremost. He made sure they were taken care of, but he understood the difference between a need and a want. He knew to give them a solid foundation to be good people, and that’s what I saw in these kids: bright, intelligent, good people.”

Others in Jackson‘s inner circle agreed.

“He wasn’t a disciplinarian but he didn’t let the kids run the roost or be spoiled rotten,” Stuart Backerman, a former adviser and publicist for Jackson from 2002 to 2004, told The Post.

He recalled a moment in 2004 when he walked through Neverland‘s kitchen and a 6-year-old Paris spit out her food — drawing a quietly stern reaction from Jackson.

“Michael looked up and told her, ‘We don’t spit out food and we don’t talk badly about other people in this house, and we have good manners,’ ” Backerman recalled.

“It didn’t mean anything to me at the time, but now as I look back, it reminds me what kind of parent he was.”

Jackson insiders say their eccentric father did his best to instill a steely self-confidence in his children.

Jackson‘s 11-year-old daughter, Paris Katherine, exemplified that strength when she took the microphone at his memorial service on Tuesday to say before a crowd of 20,000 — and millions watching worldwide — “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.”

“Without getting over-mushy about it, it might have shown Jackson did a pretty damn good job raising those kids,” Backerman said. “She’s no shrinking violet, this kid, as you saw. She might have been hidden by veils and skulking around because of the privacy issues all these years, but she showed herself to be a maturing preteen girl.”

Still, there was much to be concerned about.

Elvis Presley‘s daughter, Lisa Marie, was Jackson‘s first wife and refused to have his babies.

She said that the King of Pop was too emotionally immature to raise a child. The two were divorced within two years of their marriage.

Prince Michael Joseph and Paris Katherine were born after Jackson‘s second wife, Debbie Rowe, the nurse at his dermatology clinic, was artificially inseminated.

Rowe played no part in the children’s lives, but she has hinted at a custody challenge in the wake of Jackson‘s death.

News reports have said the sperm donor may well have been Klein, Rowe‘s boss who has been oddly close to the children, although he denied those reports yesterday.

“We never saw [Rowe],” a Neverland staffer told Jackson biographer Taraborrelli of life after Prince Michael was born in 1997.

“The baby was cared for by a team of six nannies and six nurses, who worked in shifts so that there were always two nurses and two nannies by his side. They were kept under constant video surveillance, which was monitored by members of Jackson’s security team.

“The day team did exercise drills with the baby to build up his strength. The night team read and sang to him. But it was as if he had no mother,” Taraborrelli reported.

Another nanny said the air quality in Prince Michael’s room was measured hourly, all utensils were thrown away after every use, and toys were tossed each night to be replaced the next day.

Looking forward…

Prince, Paris and Blanket will continue to be well cared for. “The Jacksons have come together and are really loving the kids,” says Chopra. “Cousins and puppies are [around in] full-force, and the kids are enjoying [it].” And no matter what the public may have thought about Jackson, adds Bain, “his children will be his greatest legacy.”

Next Monday, Judge Mitchell Beckloff of Los Angeles Superior Court will hear Michael‘s mother Katherine Jackson‘s petition for permanent custody of the kids.

Sources: PEOPLE/NY Post

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Celebrity News: Spike Lee Speaks Out About Paris Jackson’s Final Goodbye To Her Father Michael Jackson

Spike Lee, who attended Michael Jackson‘s memorial service Tuesday, says watching the late pop star’s 11-year-old daughter Paris take to the stage and talk about her father was brutal.

“How can you even comprehend a young daughter bemoaning the loss of their dear father, their daddy,” says the celebrated film director, 52, who knew Jackson for more than a decade. “We know Michael the entertainer, but to her, that’s just Daddy.”

In 1996, Lee traveled to Brazil to direct Jackson in his music video, They Don’t Care About Us. Lee says he has never known another entertainer with Jackson‘s global appeal.

“I’m not trying to disrespect anybody, Elvis or Frank Sinatra, but what Michael did globally – there wasn’t anybody in the world who did not love Michael Jackson,” says Lee.

At the tribute, Jennifer Hudson might have sung and Smokey Robinson might have praised Jackson‘s talents, but it was Paris‘s tearful moment that held everyone riveted.

“That was raw. Raw emotion,” lauds Lee. “Nobody had a dry eye. That was a killer.”

Source: PEOPLE

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Amazing News: Elvis Presley Got A Secret Son?

Handsome 32-year-old is the spitting image of The King … Birth certificate proves He’s ELVIS JR….

ELVIS’ SON: The lips, the nose, the hair – the resemblance is striking. YOUNG ELVIS: Features match up well with those of his secret son.

ELVIS PRESLEY’S secret son grew up in Germany, but he is now back in the United States – hoping to meet his dad. The young man’s name is Elvis Presley Jr. He is 31 years old. And a birth certificate states point blank that Elvis Presley – the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll – is his dad.

That’s the word from author and Elvis expert William Stern, who learned about Elvis Jr. from a Presley family source and actually met him in a hotel room in Columbia, South Carolina, on July 2. Stern said he that at first, he was skeptical about the young man’s identity and thought somebody might be trying to make him the victim of an elaborate practical joke.

But after talking with Elvis Jr. for three hours, and analyzing his birth certificate, Stern is convinced that he is the direct descendant of Elvis Presley – the greatest rock and roll performer who ever lived.

“He is not only the spitting image of Elvis Presley, he is Elvis Presley all over again,” said Stern, who has written prolifically about The King since he faked his death and went into hiding in 1977.

“Over the years I’ve heard many, many rumors that Elvis had a secret son but, lacking evidence, I didn’t take them seriously, at least not until I met this young man and saw the birth certificate that names Elvis as his dad.

“Now I’m convinced that Elvis did have a son,” adds Stern. “And I’ve got a gut feeling that the publicity this young man is going to generate might very well bring the 78-year-old singer out of hiding once and for all.”

Stern’s claims might sound outrageous but he produced plenty of evidence to support what he says. A snapshot of the baby-faced young man confirms that he is a dead ringer for Elvis.

And a copy of his German birth certificate names Elvis Presley of Memphis, Tennessee as the father – and the document is, Stern says, according to the opinion of an analyst familiar with German birth records, authentic.

Elvis Jr. blocked out his mother’s name to protect her identity. But he told Stern that she died from a lung infection and was buried near her hometown of Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 29, 1978 – three weeks after he was born on Jan. 4 – and six months after Elvis Sr. died or disappeared.

Stern said: “Elvis apparently had an affair with the woman in the spring of 1977 when she was staying with a relative in Memphis while trying to launch a career as a singer. The result of that affair was Elvis Presley Jr., who was born in Germany.

“The young man said he was raised by German relatives in Berlin. He came to the U.S. in January, just a few months ago. “He said he returned to see where he father was born and lived. I asked him if he had arranged to see Elvis but he simply didn’t want to talk about it.

“He said: “That’s between my father and me. Please … no details.” Stern went on to say: “You might wonder, as I did, why Elvis Jr. has never tried to cash in on his father’s fame. He told me, and I quote, ‘I don’t intend to live in hiding or in fear because I share my father’s name, and that’s the reason I agreed to meet with you and have my story told.

“On the other hand, fame and fortune almost killed my father. “I don’t want them to kill me.” Stern said Elvis Jr. hinted that he might pursue a career in music but insisted that he has no interest in performing onstage or taking advantage of is father’s name.

The young man said he is much happier in a recording studio – and hopes to produce records for a German jazz label when he returns to Europe “later this year.”

“I was very definitely impressed with this young man’s intelligence and sincerity,” said Stern. “I would give anything to be in the room when he and his dad finally get together. If that isn’t that reunion of the century, there’s no such thing.”

Source: Derek Clontz

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Amazing News: Marilyn Monroe Still Alive??

Marilyn Monroe spotted in Hawaii just days ago…

Check this story: I read this off some other blog, called Derek Clontz. Is this for real?….

DOZENS of sane and rational eyewitnesses who spotted her on a beach in Hawaii can’t be wrong – screen idol Marilyn Monroe didn’t overdose on sleeping pills in 1962, nor did John and Bobby Kennedy have her killed … she’s alive and puttering around like any other senior citizen at the ripe old age of 83.

“As God is my witness, I saw Marilyn Monroe – and she is alive,” Jenny Kramer-Smith, 54, told  me exclusively.

“She was wrinkled and a little hump-backed like any other little old lady. What was left of her hair was cut very short and it was white and thin. But Marilyn is Marilyn – there‘s no mistaking that smile, those lips, and that face.

“Was I shocked? Yes. Was I stunned? Yes. Was I speechless? Yes. And so was everybody else who saw her.“

Kramer-Smith, who owns a string of 17 wireless-phone franchises in Los Angeles, and 25 other locals and tourists are said to have seen Monroe – or her spitting-image double – at private and secluded Papohaku Beach, Molokai on the morning of  June 28.

The spot is accessible only by airplane or boat. And as Kramer-Smith later told me in an exclusive interview, when Marilyn stepped off a twin-engine runabout with the help of two muscular young men, one wearing a brown shoulder holster over his white button-down shirt, nobody “had the guts” to approach her – even though “we all knew who it was and we were missing the chance of a lifetime.”

But another tourist, Sally Matine, says that while everybody else stood around slack-jawed or whispering, “It‘s Marilyn! It‘s Marilyn Monroe!”, she “took a deep breath and called out her name as loud as I could.”

“Marilyn stopped dead in her tracks and hesitated, like she couldn’t make up her mind whether to acknowledge me,“ says the 42-year-old investment banker from Seattle, Washington.

“She started to turn toward me, and as she did, she raised her hand about chest-high like she was going to wave. But the man with the gun started shaking his head very dramatically, very emphatically, and he stopped her.

“Then she turned and started walking away from all of us who were staring at her. I was about 50 feet away, but I’ve got 20-20 vision and eyes like a hawk.

“There’s no doubt in my mind who it was. It was Marilyn Monroe.“

The idea that Monroe might have faked her death and gone into hiding at the age of 36 isn’t as farfetched as some might think.

By all accounts, she was wildly successful – but deeply troubled – when she abruptly “vanished” from public view on Aug. 5, 1962.

In addition to her addiction to doctor-prescribed downer drugs, she struggled with a severe drinking problem, crippling esteem issues – and the physical and psychological aftermath of having had at least 21 abortions to get rid of babies she didn‘t feel like she was ready to have.

Circumstances surrounding her alleged “death” have been shrouded in mystery from the outset.

Official claims that she committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills have always been suspect, with more people believing that President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, both of whom were sexually involved with the sexpot actress, had her murdered when she threatened to reveal personal and political secrets that would have destroyed their careers.

Erik Romane, who has written over 100 magazine articles on Monroe as well as a book, The Short Life and Hard Times of Marilyn Monroe (Long Pier Press, Los Angeles, $27.95), says he “has always entertained the idea” that the actress faked her death.

“Ironically, I think the Kennedy brothers, instead of killing her, could have helped her pull it off,” he continues.

“They had the ways and means – and the smarts – to make something like that happen for her.

“Marilyn had access to money, but let’s face it: she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Faking your death and going into hiding is extremely difficult for anyone, much less a celebrity with one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

“It’s doubtful she could have done it alone – but she certainly could have done it with help.“

Romane, of Watkins Glen, New York, says he can understand why Monroe might choose to appear in public — even for just a moment in a secluded spot — now.

At the age of 83, she’s in the twilight of her life,” he explains. “Maybe she wanted to find out if people still recognize her how they would react.

“There‘s no better place to test the water than Papohaku Beach. There are times when you can go out there and have the whole beach to yourself. The fact that a couple of dozen people were out there when she arrived is a miracle.

“She probably expected to see five or six.”

Matine thinks Romane’s explanation makes sense, especially since Monroe and her companions, once they realized she had been seen and recognized, walked only about 50 yards down the beach before they returned to their speedboat – and left.

“It might not seem like much to some people, but I feel privileged to have seen her,” says Matine. “Marilyn Monroe is an American icon. This is a memory I’ll cherish forever.”


Skeptical? Don’t be – because Marilyn Monroe had at least four good reasons to fake her death and go into hiding on Aug. 5, 1962, when many felt the screen goddess was at the height of her career.

Among those compiled by author Erik Romane:

1. The pressures of superstardom and demands of Hollywood were taking a terrible toll on Monroe, who fought back by gobbling prescription sleeping pills and painkillers and drinking heavily. Like rock giant Elvis Presley, who vanished from public view in 1977, or Michael Jackson, the actress there may have had only two ways out: suicide – or a faked death, which would have enabled her to escape the glare of celebrity and reclaim her life.

2. Monroe might have wanted to “get back” at her former husband and “on-again” lover, baseball great Joe DiMaggio, who reportedly telephoned on the morning of her “death” and told her they were through. Romane points out that Monroe, though a major talent, was extremely immature.

“Would she cut off her nose to spite her face? Would she throw away her career to make DiMaggio feel bad?“ he asks. “I certainly wouldn’t put it past her.“ Pride and childishness, he adds, would have kept Monroe from coming back out of hiding and revealing the truth.

3. Monroe’s love affairs with John and Bobby Kennedy weighed heavily on the actress, especially when it occurred to her that they may have been less interested in her as a human being than they were in her ability to sizzle in bed.

Friends agree that if nothing else, her love sessions with the Kennedy‘s launched Monroe on a wild emotional roller coaster – and she seriously considered going public to embarrass the brothers. Based on that threat, Romane says a couple of scenarios could have come into play.

“It’s possible the Kennedys threatened her, which may have scared her into faking her death to escape their wrath,” says the author. “It’s also possible that to keep her from going public, they gently ‘persuaded’ her to go into hiding – and helped her do it.”

4. Two months before she “died” Monroe had been fired by Fox Productions for repeatedly failing to turn up on the set of the film Something’s Got to Give. The production was never completed, even though Monroe was re-hired by the film company on August 1 – just four days before she disappeared.

“There was a lot of talk among friends that Marilyn didn’t feel she could fulfill her obligations in her current state of mind,“ says Romane. “It’s entirely possible that she got scared and faked her death to get out of the contract.

That might sound crazy to you and me, but at the time, Marilyn was so hopped up on booze and drugs that it may have sounded reasonable to her. And once she vanished, she might very well have found that she liked her private life.”

Sources via ABC News, Believe it or not, Bill O’Reilly, CNN, Fox News, Headline News, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, Nancy Grace, derek clontz