Secret Crush Models


Hello Crushes ♥

We are currently looking for, “Secret Crush” Models. Are you interested? If so, please email us your latest photos in hi-res, along with a mini bio/resume and answer the following questions below. This will be a non-paying offer. You will posted on our blog as our, “Secret Crush of the Moment!”

Birth date:
In five years:
A few of my favorite things:
Guilty pleasure:

P.S. Male & Female are encouraged to apply.

Kiss Kiss,

JNEL & J. Magazine

6 thoughts on “Secret Crush Models

  1. Sadly, he doesn’t care about how much he embarrasses himself, he just wants the attention and the “fame” that comes along with it. The REALLY sad thing, is that this soul-sucking plan actually works. .

  2. And stop using that lame leftist straw man to try to justify it. No one has told the Muslims that they can’t build a mosque. Those of us who oppose are saying “don’t do it THERE.” There are zoning ordinances across the nation that dictate where various businesses and other organizations can build. This is no different. There has already been discussion in NY about allowing this bunch to put the mosque somewhere else. But now that Obama has (again) stuck his nose in where it doesn’t belong, things are escalating out of control.

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