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Breaking News: Mario Arrested For Attacking His Mother!!

Mario made headlines this morning for his out-of-character behavior. According to TMZ, the 24-year-old R&B singer was arrested and released on $50,000 bond for 2nd degree assault following an altercation with his mother earlier this week at their shared apartment in Baltimore, Md.

Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway told police that her son had gone on a rampage, breaking a mirror, shattering a china cabinet, and putting a hole in the closet door. Following his outburst, Mario allegedly pushed his mother “eight feet into a living room wall, where [she] hit her head on the wall.”

Their mother-son relationship has a history of trouble. Mario confronted his mother’s heroin addiction by staging an intervention in 2007 on MTV’s documentary “I Won’t Love You to Death,” where he allowed cameras to film him trying to get her clean. “I want to give you the gift of life, like you gave me,” he told her.