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Just In: Rihanna Lying Low

Rihanna is on the move and staying under the radar.

E! News has learned that the recuperating R&B star has left her native Barbados after spending time with her family and friends in the wake of the Feb. 8 fight that left her hospitalized and Chris Brown under arrest.

As we originally reported, her family had the 20-year-old whisked to Barbados early last week. Over the weekend, Rihanna‘s father, Ronald Fenty, told People he had seen his “bruised” daughter there on Feb. 12.

Now, a source tells E! News: “She’s not in Barbados.”

Rihanna, who canceled two shows in Asia last week, currently has no scheduled public appearances. Her rep couldn’t be reached for immediate comment.

Brown‘s publicist says the embattled singer has no comment beyond the apology he issued over the weekend.

Source: E!

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Wire Talk: Keisha Chante & Leona Lewis deny involvement in Chris Brown/Rihanna dispute

Canadian singer Keisha Chante has been caught in the centre of allegations surrounding reports of a woman igniting the incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna.

According to TMZ, a sexy text message was reportedly sent to Brown from a female on the night of the incident. When speculation began on the woman’s identity, rumours of Chante’s involvement surfaced.

Chante’s manager, Mona Scott denied the rumor to US Weekly.

“This is another unsubstantiated, untrue report; she was nowhere near the incident in any way,” said Scott. “She was nowhere near Rihanna or Chris Brown. She had nothing to do with any of that.”

It’s been reported that Brown and Rihanna’s alleged fight began after Rihanna saw the message.

Chante’s manager says that Chante has been “getting frantic” after receiving phone calls from people about the reported rumours. She says that Chante barely knows Brown and rumours involving the two have been floating around for a while.

“She’s not even dating Chris! I think they met a few years back, probably three or four years ago in Canada,” her manager said. “But that’s it. It’s crazy – there’s been a continuous kind of reporting of them linked together, and this has been the worst of it all. But, no – she had absolutely nothing to do with them or any of that.”

Aside from Chante, rumours of Leona Lewis allegedly flirting with Brown have also emerged.

The British singer attended the same pre-Grammy party that Brown and Rihanna attended just hours before their alleged incident.

Leona was at the pre-Grammy party with her family and boyfriend and had nothing whatsoever to do with any argument that may have ensued between Chris and Rihanna. Any allegations that the pair had flirted are completely false,” Lewis’ spokesperson said in a statement.

While it appears that just about everyone has something to say about their dispute, reps for Brown and Rihanna have yet to comment.

Story will be updated as it develops…

[Keisha Chante. Photo Courtesy: MTV CANADA]
[Leona Lewis. Photo Courtesy: REUTERS]

Source: National Post

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Just In: Target Clears Racks and pulls Chris Brown’s music from their shelves

According to sources, Target has cleared their music racks and have taken down all of Chris Brown’s music.


Here’s the full detail on that issue…

A reader who went into a Bay Area target yesterday and realized Chris’s music had been pulled off the shelves. She then questions the hypocrisy of stations who play music by artists who have and are serving jail time, but are pulling Chris Brown’s music from their playlists when he hasn’t even been charged yet.

I went to target today to pick up a few items and I happened to browse through the music section. Normally, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s CDs are side by side…today they are not…not only that, ALL OF HIS MUSIC HAS BEEN PULLED FROM SHELVES! I don’t know if its official, but I checked all over the music section and I couldn’t find one! Necole, this is beyond bullsh*t!

Also what pisses me off, is Chris Brown’s music is being yanked from the radio out here! Now hear this, if each artist music was pulled from air waves do to their criminal records, there would be NOTHING TO HEAR ON THE RADIO! I was driving for about an hour and never heard a Chris Brown song…but who did I hear? Mystickal (The Rapist who’s STILL in prison), Juvenile (The Dead Beat Dad who refused to go to his daughters funeral), T.I played, Wayne’s syrup sippin’, drug dealin’, pimpin’ glorification azz was on the radio, Mr. Rick “I’ll admit to being a drug dealer b4 having a bonafied job” Ross! So on and so forth!

Like I said, I hate to sound like a crab in a barrel, but if stations are gonna get all self conscious about CBs situation with ZERO OFFICIAL PROOF, then be self conscious ALL TOGETHER and stop being be so half azzed about it and only play tracks from artist with a SQUEAKY CLEAN RECORD! Sh*t, the only artist that would be on the radio is Soulja Boy and Bow Wow!

Why do I care so much? I have an extremely talented son…he dances, sings and plays piano. I couldn’t stop him from wanting to be a singer if I tried. I will have to teach him to KNOW when somebody is only out to use him up and spit him out…it just pains me to know that I’ll have to use Chris Brown as an example.

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