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Amazing News: Elvis Presley Got A Secret Son?

Handsome 32-year-old is the spitting image of The King … Birth certificate proves He’s ELVIS JR….

ELVIS’ SON: The lips, the nose, the hair – the resemblance is striking. YOUNG ELVIS: Features match up well with those of his secret son.

ELVIS PRESLEY’S secret son grew up in Germany, but he is now back in the United States – hoping to meet his dad. The young man’s name is Elvis Presley Jr. He is 31 years old. And a birth certificate states point blank that Elvis Presley – the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll – is his dad.

That’s the word from author and Elvis expert William Stern, who learned about Elvis Jr. from a Presley family source and actually met him in a hotel room in Columbia, South Carolina, on July 2. Stern said he that at first, he was skeptical about the young man’s identity and thought somebody might be trying to make him the victim of an elaborate practical joke.

But after talking with Elvis Jr. for three hours, and analyzing his birth certificate, Stern is convinced that he is the direct descendant of Elvis Presley – the greatest rock and roll performer who ever lived.

“He is not only the spitting image of Elvis Presley, he is Elvis Presley all over again,” said Stern, who has written prolifically about The King since he faked his death and went into hiding in 1977.

“Over the years I’ve heard many, many rumors that Elvis had a secret son but, lacking evidence, I didn’t take them seriously, at least not until I met this young man and saw the birth certificate that names Elvis as his dad.

“Now I’m convinced that Elvis did have a son,” adds Stern. “And I’ve got a gut feeling that the publicity this young man is going to generate might very well bring the 78-year-old singer out of hiding once and for all.”

Stern’s claims might sound outrageous but he produced plenty of evidence to support what he says. A snapshot of the baby-faced young man confirms that he is a dead ringer for Elvis.

And a copy of his German birth certificate names Elvis Presley of Memphis, Tennessee as the father – and the document is, Stern says, according to the opinion of an analyst familiar with German birth records, authentic.

Elvis Jr. blocked out his mother’s name to protect her identity. But he told Stern that she died from a lung infection and was buried near her hometown of Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 29, 1978 – three weeks after he was born on Jan. 4 – and six months after Elvis Sr. died or disappeared.

Stern said: “Elvis apparently had an affair with the woman in the spring of 1977 when she was staying with a relative in Memphis while trying to launch a career as a singer. The result of that affair was Elvis Presley Jr., who was born in Germany.

“The young man said he was raised by German relatives in Berlin. He came to the U.S. in January, just a few months ago. “He said he returned to see where he father was born and lived. I asked him if he had arranged to see Elvis but he simply didn’t want to talk about it.

“He said: “That’s between my father and me. Please … no details.” Stern went on to say: “You might wonder, as I did, why Elvis Jr. has never tried to cash in on his father’s fame. He told me, and I quote, ‘I don’t intend to live in hiding or in fear because I share my father’s name, and that’s the reason I agreed to meet with you and have my story told.

“On the other hand, fame and fortune almost killed my father. “I don’t want them to kill me.” Stern said Elvis Jr. hinted that he might pursue a career in music but insisted that he has no interest in performing onstage or taking advantage of is father’s name.

The young man said he is much happier in a recording studio – and hopes to produce records for a German jazz label when he returns to Europe “later this year.”

“I was very definitely impressed with this young man’s intelligence and sincerity,” said Stern. “I would give anything to be in the room when he and his dad finally get together. If that isn’t that reunion of the century, there’s no such thing.”

Source: Derek Clontz