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Wire Talk: Chris Brown And Rihanna Reunited?

According to, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together or may have never even broken up.

This is what they had to say…

This week, 5 US gossip magazines are claiming that Chris and Rihanna are either GETTING BACK TOGETHER or NEVER ACTUALLY broke up.

Here’s the National Enquirer:

”Even after what Chris did to her, Rihanna is crazy about him and she’s forgiven him … They’ve been talking on the phone, and they’ve agreed that once the legal problems are ironed out, they’ll be together.”

Here’s Star Magazine:

”[Rihanna] has reached out to [Chris] on numerous occasions, both calling and texting him with the message: Miss you, Love, peace and hope u r ok’ … She keeps saying she wants to make sure that he’s okay. She thinks this will all blow over and they can go back to how they were.”

Here’s Life & Style:

”[Rihanna] loves Chris but she wants to send the right message to fans by what she says publicly and how she handles the relationship … But she loves him – and may want to work things out.”

In Touch claims that they’re speaking and still in love, but not back together yet:

”She hates Chris but still loves him at the same time … [they] spoke a few times since the incident, and they’ve relayed messages back and forth through a friend.”

Here’s US Weekly:

Rihanna seems surprisingly torn, to the exasperation of many. “I mean damn, her eye’s black and the sides of her face are all f_cked up, “says a friend. “But she keeps saying she loves him … [and] she’s telling everyone that she’s sorry, though it’s not her fault … She’s actually worried about HIS life? What prison will do to him? Come On!”

We don’t know how true all this is … but unfortunately’s sources are saying the same thing.



“I hope they do reconnect and work out their differences, they deserve a second chance at love.
What are your thoughts?”
Kiss Kiss,