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Peace Love & Sneaks: Kanye West For Louis Vuitton Update

On Wednesday we reported that Kanye West released his new line for Louis Vuitton. Three of the seven designs went on sale last week in England and the rest will not be out until late July, when they will be available worldwide. Louis Vuitton tells PEOPLE, “We did a lot of presales but they’re not sold out yet.”

Also take note he is NOT interning for the Gap. The rumor was in fact false.

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Peace Love & Sneaks: Kanye West For Louis Vuitton

Kanye West released his new Louis Vuitton shoe’s this past week and in most places, they sold out FAST. Kanye interned with Louis Vuitton and now it is rumored he is interning with Gap to learn more about the business as well. The line consists of three models; The Mr. Hudson, the Jasper and the Don. Prices Range From $700-$1140

Check out some photos below.

Photo source: If It’s Hip, It’s Here

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Shoe Obsession: Kim Kardashian Launches Shoe Dazzle

Kim Kardashian Launches Shoe Dazzle Your Personal Shoe Stylist…

Kim Kardashian is venturing into the shoe business. The reality star has created a new service called Shoe Dazzle, a creative concept for women everywhere to have shoes “handpicked” by your personal shoe stylist. Shoe Dazzle provides stylish, beautiful, and affordable shoes. Here’s how it all works, after every month, you will take a fashion survey and from that survey, shoes will be “handpicked” by Shoe Dazzle’s fashion experts that may cater your interest. If you like the pair, you can purchase it from Shoe Dazzle. Shoe Dazzle has a membership fee of $39/mo which covers the first pair and shipping is free. If you would like to purchase additional pairs than it would be another $39.

Source: Upscale Swagger

“Yay! I can’t wait to buy something!”

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Designer Spotlight!: Louis Vuitton Graffiti & Rose Collection

Marc Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse

Louis Vuitton’s new Graffiti & Rose collection, which features a range of accessories, is a homage to Stephen Sprouse, who collaborated with the house’s creative director Marc Jacobs eight years ago.

Bags, shoes, bangles, sunglasses, leggings, scarves and clothing – all contain the neon colored graffiti done by Stephen Sprouse.

To celebrate this month’s Stephen Sprouse book and exhibition, Marc Jacobs even got naked for Harper’s Bazaar and posed for fashion photographer Terry Richardson holding a bag from the Graffiti collection.

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar,

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Designer Spotlight: Sofia Coppola For Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola Bags And Shoes For Louis Vuitton


Sofia Coppola “created” a bag for Louis Vuitton. As a film director, I wouldn’t have troubles imagining how she managed to design something, like Sofia herself admits:

”I am able to ask people to make exactly as I would”.

But saying that the perfect bag doesn’t exist is an offense to the rest of the consumerism world who finds the perfect “something” at least once a month! Now you should all know that this perfect bag is called SC Louis Vuitton and it comes in gray suede, burgundy, blue calf leather and monogram canvas (appx $2,200).

So not only she’s truly creative and a fashion current consumer (to say that the perfect bag doesn’t exist, you really have to up to date with everything that has been done in the matter!), she also reinvented the wheel! Making an evening clutch with a mirror inside, now, there’s got to be only 40 % of the (serious) evening bags of the world that don’t have one!

The miracle clutches come in the same colors as the bags, plus a golden version. (appx $1,100). And you have to consider the brilliant cut of an Yves Saint Laurent shoe (originally made in the 70s and belonging to Sofia’s mother) redesigned (like we’d actually search and confront too see how much re-designed was applied to it!) and signed Louis Vuitton (appx $1,100)!Oh, isn’t this fashion in its truly pure form? Let’s see who’d be willing to pay $2,200 for a LV without LV allover it! (via, wwd)

Sofia Coppola monogramed bag for Louis Vuitton
Sofia Coppola monogramed bag for Louis Vuitton