Chris Louis, is by far one of my favorite rising stars, since the moment I heard his music on myspace, it caught my attention. Something in his voice sounded to me like he would be the next hottest artist out there. Now let me just tell you this interview has been a long time coming, since the official launch of the magazine on myspace.

We have stuck around and stood by his side as a friend, as well as an artist. We have seen the progress and success in his music. Let me just say he is not only “Carolina’s Finest”, but also born and raised in Upstate, NY. So here it is the first official Jnel & J. interview.

Jnel & J.: Chris Louis, It says in your bio that you not only perform, you write and produce as well as engineer.  It’s a diverse listing… is there any particular aspect you prefer? If so, why?

Chris Louis: I prefer writing and producing my own songs. Nothing better than that honestly. I love to write and have written since forever. It’s just the whole process from beginning to end that I enjoy, so that actually involves all three I listed.

Performing, I never really have in front of a huge audience so I’m going to refrain from making any comments on that just yet. I’ll be sure to hit you up though whenever I get my second interview! Hopefully by then ill have something to share haha.

J&J.: What made you get into music?

CL: It’s funny you ask that because I feel like nothing ever “made” me. Like some people will say a certain artist inspired them to get into music. Or they hear a song on the radio they really like when they were young and wanted to be just like that person, but I honestly was never like that growing up. I feel like it was always just a part of me, the art that is; writing and than eventually producing. I’ve always been big into art and took art courses through out high school and then music was the next step. I felt like I could always express myself better through music than I could art. I just never had the means to perform or record.

On another note, the person who actually got me to record was a friend of mine from New Jersey, Ian Thatcher (T. Knibbs), who heard of me and knew I had talent producing and mixing. I sent him a track I recorded one day and he was like, “Who is the guy rapping over your beat?” and when I told him it was me he damn near did a back flip. I don’t think he believed it was me, the first couple of times I told him, but after the next couple tracks we did together it was a done deal. I actually still think I’m more popular in Jersey thanks to him than I am here in Carolina.

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