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WTF: Maia Campbell Meth Addict!

One of‘s faithful caught up with actress Maia Campbell. In case you’re wondering what she’s been up to … read below:

Me and a friend of mine went to another friends house, [but] before we get to the porch he stops us and tells us that the girl on the porch was from [the show] In The House. As we approached the porch I looked dead into her glassy eyes and new it was her.

She said she was sleepin on venice beach, and needed someone to do her hair, my boy said she was walking up and asked him where the weed was, and than came back and asked for someone to do her hair.

As we’re seating there she’s trying hard to eat some tacos she ordered, shaking and shit like she had to go pee…she asked who had a car, I said I did, and she asked if me and my stud home girl (we both look like cute boys) did we wanna go shopping.

We both said yeah, but she asked me to take her to her “cousins” house first, somewhere on [ADDRESS REDACTED]. Anyway, she’s jumpin’ around and gettin happy in the back seat as we’re pullin up, no doubt getting’ her fix. She runs to the car tryna fix her shit, and I had to kick her ass out, like..”Bitch we only smoke kush in here!!!’

She gets out goes on the side of the dudes house and gets her hit. On the way to the mall which was hellla close, she still wants another hit, so she asks to go to the store … [and] she’s stand behind the door, which was barely covered my ads, gettin high, smoke everywhere from the pipe, in broad day light…

I got mad as f*ck and told her to come’on, she was feeling a lil better, but had to hit AGAIN in my car as me and my other 2 homies are walkin to the door of the fox hills mall.

They’re inside, but i had to lock my car, she was in side smokin my shit out!!!! Smelling like chemicals, from that meth..

She started talking to me, telling me about her moms, and kids, and how her husband told on her, most likely tryna help her, i let her use my phone while we we’re in the car and she called i think her grandma, and her dad, but i shouldnt have let her do that kuz she had some big ass bumps and shit on her lips.

Got inside, she couldnt buy sh*t, kuz she didnt have a id for her credit card, all the while stealing shit to put on, something we didnt find out till later…

While in the mall, she goes to the bathroom a the food court and fills the bathroom ceiling of meth smoke, like it was koo … my friends came back and told me what she was doing, and i really got pissed the fuck off and ran to the bathroom sticking my head in yelling her government name, since she asked us to call her genisis …

Leaving the mall, my homeboy was in the backseat tryna spit that pimp shit, she really wasn’t hearing it kuz she was running outta drugs,, but i told her i wasnt taking her ass anywhere else if she didnt wash her ass, kuz she was smelling reaaaalllly bad, like a bum yo!!, i had to wipe off my seats, they’re cream leather, and you could see the fucking dirt where she sat.

When she got out from showering at another homeboys house, only taking 3 mins or so, she honestly looked better, her hair was wet and curly, she put on make-up, and i gave her a shirt of my girlfriends out the trunk, I realllly saw maia than, and we all jus stopped and looked at her and it got kinda uncomfortable, and than she asked us to stop, and said she was ready to go.

My homeboy was steady on that pimpin sh*t, but I think he was starting to scare her, he thought he was puttin her on the track where she was asking to be dropped off, but she was really meeting up wit a trick or someone who had some more drugs for her.

The whole fucking day was wild!! I got pics of her on the porch gettin her hair done, and her in the foxhill mall at macy’s lookin at a watch…real sh*t … and i got her funky as smell in my car …

Sounds like quite a day…

Click on photo for a larger view…

Video Clip of In The House:



“Wow! This story is crazy to me. I used to watch “In The House”, where she starred along with LL Cool J. I can’t believe that she’s strung out on Meth. This is not even a joke. This is serious!'” May God Bless her. I wish her the best of luck, I hope she gets help.”

4 thoughts on “WTF: Maia Campbell Meth Addict!

  1. Check out the video I made for my song, “The Maia Campbell Song (Maia We Love You)” at the following link:

    Feel free to re-post it and share it with your friends!


  2. Wow, i also thought she was sooo pretty and as a teen wished i could be like her, its so sad to see someone fall like this, but for someone to have this published all over the world is wrong, but im just glas that her family members seen this and it seeking help for her! I will have you in my prayers!!!!

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